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A Lord Not Meant to Marry

Hamish MacRae, a changed man, returned to his beloved Scotland intending to turn his back on the world. The proud, brooding lord wants nothing more than to be left alone, but an unwanted visitor to his lonely castle has defied his wishes. While it is true that this healer, Mary Gilly, is a beauty beyond compare, it will take more than her miraculous potions to soothe his wounded spirit. But Mary's tender heart is slowly melting Hamish's frozen one . . . awakening a burning need to keep her with him -- forever.

A Lady Who Dares Not Love

Never before has Mary felt such an attraction to a man! The mysterious Hamish MacRae is strong and commanding, with a face and form so handsome it makes Mary tremble with wanting him. Already shadowy forces are coming closer, heartless whispers and cruel rumors abound, and it will take a love more pure and powerful than any other to divine the truth -- and promise a future neither had dreamed possible.

October 13
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Customer Reviews

MelissaNY666 ,


As I hit page 27 I was crying. Hamish has less emotion at this time, but the story told so well, I was engaged to finish the 300+ pages in 3 days. MacRae are family, with great adventure and emotions. I loved it! On to the final book, at this time, I will miss the family story.

App_Junky ,

My Favorite Romance Novel So Far!

This is the first romance novel I've given a five star rating. I absolutely loved it, from beginning to end, for so many reasons.
I think my favorite aspect of the novel was that the heroine was not the blushing virgin so typical of this genre. Nor did she play the usual hard-to-get role. She was a mature, intelligent, passionate woman who knew what she wanted and didn't try to deny it. I've grown tired of the predictable novels in which the heroine attempts to resist the hero only to succumb to him halfway through the book. It was refreshing to read a novel in which the romance and passion were introduced early on and yet maintained all the way to the end. And where other novels lag or drag on inevitably at some point, this one never did.
Also, I was surprised at how beautifully written it was! Some parts were actually poetic. I've read a couple of Ms. Ranney's other books and I think this one stands apart in that regard.
It added another dimension to the erotic scenes, which by the way, did not disappoint. I think they are by far the most titillating and well written I've read in any romance novel. There are only so many ways a writer can describe the passion between a man and woman before it becomes predictable or boring but this author manages to make it new and exciting each time. And that was refreshing.
Overall, the characters were interesting and unique, the story was intriguing, and the lust-turned-love romance was captivating. I cannot think of one thing that would have made this novel better.

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