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Behind all descriptions of historical events are the stories of real people. This is the extraordinary true story of a citizen soldier and the girl he loves, as both become embroiled in the cauldron of our nation’s Civil War.

Rufus R Dawes will emerge from a troubled family background to become an officer in a famous unit thrust into horrific battles in the eastern theater. But before those stirring war scenes, there is the early life of a proud and intelligent descendant of leading Revolutionary War figures, ancestors who helped form the United States, the Northwest Territory, and the state of Ohio.

Rufus will meet beautiful and vibrant Mary Beman Gates and fall in love. But there is separation due to distance and social standing, apparently little reciprocal feeling, and competition by others better situated than he. Can it ever become more than infatuation? The outbreak of war intervenes. Faced with the doubt of his own survival, is it possible to fulfill any dream of a life with Mary?

Mary is a girl with a loving family who becomes a young woman while witnessing many acquaintances and suitors, along with an only brother, march off to war. Tragic battle losses soon mount. Will she— should she—become involved with a soldier whose life is in daily jeopardy far away?

The drama unfolds upon Rufus and Mary, and upon family members and soldiers who experience their own battles, trying to survive while patriotically performing their duty to the nation. Based on many letters and diary entries, most never published, this is a timeless story of love and courage.

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May 29
Dog Ear Publishing
Dog Ear Publishing

Customer Reviews

mitch2591 ,

The title says it all!

Very well written book that holds you captive the entire time. It pulls you in and makes you feel that you are right in the struggle of war and love with Rufus and Mary. Very insightful depiction of what the soldiers and their families endured during the time that shaped our nation. I can’t wait for the authors next book! If you haven’t picked this one up yet you are missing a wonderful love between two people that war and despair could not separate.