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Her last hope of finding her sister is an irreverent demon—if she can control him...

Witch Merle MacKenna needs a provocatively charming demon—whom she must keep in check—about as much as she needs a hole in the head. 

And yet, here she finds herself bound to a demon with a shady past who’s as hot as he is annoying, all so he can find her captured sister.

He better track down the kidnapper fast, before he drives her insane first. Or worse…steals her heart.

Rhun lost any care for others in the magical prison of the Shadows. So when Merle unleashes him to help her, his plan is simple: seduce the sexy witch, steal her powers so she can’t bind him again, and be on his merry way.

Much to his dismay, though, there’s a fatal flaw in his plan—the witch makes him want to keep her. 

And that would be a disaster.

If you love sizzling hot enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance with a snarky hero, a stubborn heroine, and lots of hilarious banter, this book is for you! 

~Award-winning paranormal romance~ Winner of the Golden Quill 2016 for Paranormal Romance and the Published Maggie Award 2016 for Best Paranormal Romance

***This book was previously published as Blood, Pain, and Pleasure.***

May 28
Nadine Mutas
Nadine J Mutas

Customer Reviews

Ghost of Berkley st ,

Awesome book

Wow, what a great story to tell, you write with so much detail, that you made this story come to life. A witch, a demon and so much more, it is just an awesome book. You got a fan. Catha Watkins Reese

Moongirl0207 ,

Fantastic read

I actually read this book back when it was called Blood, Pain, and Pleasure, or at least I believe that was it’s first name lol. If you’re not on Goodreads, you’re not use to my reviews which means this may be a little on the long side but I never like to leave anything out of my opinions. ;) I usually post reviews on Goodreads, and since iBooks has no spoilers button, please know that for the sake of people looking to buy this book, I will not post spoilers here.

Overall, this book is a very good read. There are, of course, some things that were a little a miss in the story, but they were far few and in between and honestly that happens at points in every book. One of the best things about this book was the main characters.The main characters are dynamic in so many ways that it is refreshing to see the actual leads of a story be more interesting than the secondary characters. There is such an intensity in the physical love connection between Rhun and Merle that the heat almost singes the words off the page, and a lot of this comes from a slightly darker side of fun in the sheets. Yet, despite how their relationship starts or how their connection works, the emotional love is capable of pulling at your heart string and making you melt or cry.

I also really enjoyed the personal goals of each character and how the story twists not only at the end but almost every step of the way through. Most of the time, I can predict early on what’s going to happen, or at least have it figured out by the middle of the book, however this book actually succeeded in surprising me by the time I was done with it.

Merle’s character is one who can take care of herself. Despite the obvious strength of Rhun, his friends, and others like him she stands up to them and actually holds her own, yet she still shows that she’s a witch, so human at heart, and the reality of her situation both with Rhun and the odds they face doesn’t escape her. This makes her character more relatable, and allows any reader to be able to form an emotional bond with her.

Rhun is also easy to form a bond to because of his personality. The way he talks, acts, and thinks all lead the reader to both loving and wanting to find out more about him. Despite his nature and end goal, I found myself understanding him and cheering for him throughout the book. His past and current actions would make any women fall hard for him.

As mentioned earlier there were a few aspects about the book that I found off putting. How magic works with the head of the family really threw me out of the story, but only for a few short seconds. I also wasn’t fond of a few of the secondary witch characters either but that was more my personal preference and wanting to see more of the story between Merle and Rhun and their adventure rather than learning so much about the other characters. None of this makes the book any less a fantastic read, and I would recommend any romance reader give it a go.

Happy reading.

Sensanin ,

Gobbled the story up!

I read this book in about 12 hours give it take, while working and walking--it's amazing I didn't get run over and fired. I loved Rhun and Marle, their story and circumstances while fantastical were also relatable in large part due to the strong character building and dialogue.

The author was true to the story, and the pacing was great, and the scenes unfolded naturally, as you would expect given the situation. The characters don't all get what they want, the ending is not typical HEA, but it is comfortable, it is strong, and despite the genre and witches, demons, and fairies feels REAL.

Loved it and would recommend it.

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