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"WOW, just WOW!...I am truly blown away." -Romance Readers Retreat Blog

“I just finished one of the best books I've read this year!! My heart is racing and literally in my throat!”–Dirty Laundry Reviews

Gabe Alexander is the devil. Or an angel. 

He’s the worst kind of bad news, but every time he touches me, and whispers filthy, beautiful things in my ear, all I want is more. More of his kiss, his touch, and the dangerous, seductive things he makes me feel.

I don’t want to break the rules, let alone the law, but the man makes it feel so damned good…


Caitlin is everything I never knew I needed. 

But I’m not just bad for her—I’m toxic.

If I stay, I’ll destroy her, but I can’t keep my hands to myself. I keep reaching for the only good thing left in my world, but as we test every boundary, cross every line, I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. 

What once was dangerous is turning deadly, and only the devil can say if either Caitlin or I will make it out alive. All I know is that I’ll never stop fighting for this woman, this love, this passion that cuts all the way to the bone. 

Warning: This box set contains the complete To the Bone series. This adrenaline fueled, sexy, emotional, so-wrong-it’s-right thrill ride will leave you breathless. This red-hot romance ends in a happily ever after.

September 25
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,

Unconventional Love


Just when you think you have everything figured out, Lili Valente throws a curve ball and your spun into an emotional roller coaster. Gabe and Caitlin are just perfect together. Lust, love, darkness, edginess are just some of the things you'll feel when you’re reading it. Their relationship is not the norm but then again their courtship has not been one as well. One summer, that is what they have promised one another. But what happens when the heart wants more?
Danger lurks in the shadows, the aftermath of Caitlin and Gabe's activities. Although their illegal activities were done for justice, in the end it awakens a monster. A monster that will not stop until Caitlin and Gabe pay.
As always, job well done Lili!! Can't wait for A Love So Deadly, the continuing story of Gabe and Caitlin.


I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next for Gabe and Caitlin. As usual you did not disappoint Lili Valente. I was so engrossed throughout this book with the raw emotions of the characters; loss, lust, infatuation, love, grief, jealousy, and betrayal. How much more can Caitlin endure in her life? After the devastating reality that the love of her life is gone, she decides to close that chapter of her life and start a new one. A new start and a better life for herself, her siblings and her niece. Did she expect that the one person who she loathed the most would be the one to offer her this golden ticket? No, but then again when has anything in her life been predictable. Although she is living in paradise, Caitlin's heart is still hollow and longing for him. She just can't forget the one man that made her feel alive, Gabe.


What a way end this heart wrenching love story between Gabe and Caitlin. When an unexpected email brings Caitlin back to her past, it's then that the truth begins to unravel, causing Caitlin to question so much. Why would the people that claim to love and cherish her keep the one most important thing from her?
The last person Caitlin expected to see standing in front of her when she arrives to her deceased father's home is Gabe, her dead boyfriend. Gabe has returned for Caitlin, the woman who has been invading his thoughts and dreams since his surgery. His memories are scattered but the one thing he does remember is that he loves Caitlin. Gabe questions his past and the things he and Caitlin have done, questioning whether he could be with someone who is capable of killing. Caitlin and Gabe hit a tough patch, until his memories come crashing back and the discovery of what his parents are capable of. He knows the love he and Caitlin have is real and untouchable. However, outside threats threaten Cait and Gabe's new start and their happily ever after. DESTINY+SOUL MATES+TRUE LOVE= A Love So Deep!

JLKeniston ,

It is to the bone!!

WOW, this is a deal!! Lili is one of my very favorite writers ever! She just has a way of making me feel like I am right there watching it all unfold!! Gabe was not my favorite person at the beginning drawing Caitlin to his deadly deeds! Over the course of 3 books which you won't have to wait for because they are all in this one, I began to truly like this man! Oh the twists and turns, heartbreak and the happiness is so unbelievable! You will smile with happiness and definitely cry with the sadness but it is the best series! Can't give any more to you because I don't want to spoil it!! Well worth it!

KindleKat64 ,

A dark, sexy and wild ride!

I love this author so much and now I really do think she can write anything and absolutely write the heck out of it!! I honestly do not know how I had never read this trilogy before when it first came out. It is absolutely incredible! I mean, WOW, what a dark, sexy and wild ride!!! So many ups and downs, so many emotions!! So many times I couldn't believe what was happening! I loved it!!
Both Caitlin & Gabe are amazing and complex characters that defy their age really. They have both already been through so much and we see them go through so much more that it makes them seem like they just have be much older than they really are. But when you realize they are not, it makes them all the more awesome and lovable. Gabe wants Caitlin, he doesn't want to want Caitlin but he can't help himself. She is a good girl, doing the right things. He is the epitome of a bad boy. Together they are positively combustible and honestly, they just fit and connect on so many levels. Their relationship is complicated but so real and amazing and kind of scary at times.
Gabe's home life is tense at best and his parents do not really seem to like him very much; which is in complete contrast to Caitlin's home life where her siblings rely on her and all help each other and this makes her situation so real and her responsibilities so very important. There are so many things happening in this series I recommend setting aside the time to read it all together.

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