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To the Last Man is the story of Arizona's Pleasant Valley War, one of the most legendary conflicts of the Old West.  A venomous feud between cattle ranchers, the Isbels, and sheepherders, the Jorths, plunges both families into a deadly cycle of vengeance.  Yet, even as their families spiral into annihilation, Ellen Jorth and Jean Isabel struggle to keep their fateful romance alive.

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January 1
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wonttakeless ,

To the Last Man (Last Man Standing?)

A Wild West adventure and romance set in the raw and rugged terrains of picturesque mountainous Arizona of yore. Rich, vivid details of the untouched wild invite readers to trek into its vast expanse.

Decades-old feud between a cattle rancher and a sheep herder has forged bonds and alliances with like-minded men to protect their interests. Emotions make their mark; they run raw, they run high, they run deep.

The final showdown decimates all but a pair of young people, the last members of the feuding families, whose love and hatred for each other oscillate throughout. The nobler cause finds its own obstinate, willful way at last.

Ronb1st ,

To The Last Man

Zane Gray, the greatest story writer of the old west! His stories have thrilled generations! He wrote from wrote from actual knowledge of those early days and times! History passed on through time in his writings!

Reader of Westerns ,

To the Last Man,

This would make a good movie. I saw there was a silent movie but would like to see it in modern film. To read I found some parts describing Ellen's thoughts to be laborious. I feel so sorry for women if this is an example of their thoughts. I got a little embarrassed sometimes reading about her inner most thoughts. The action parts and description of the landscape were my favorite parts. Nicknames such as Half-Breed and Greaser might have to be changed in the new movie.

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