To Win a Highlander's Heart To Win a Highlander's Heart
Book 3 - Guardians of the Isles

To Win a Highlander's Heart

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It’s impossible to defy destiny…

Orrick MacLeod is a famed Highland warrior from a powerful clan who can no longer fight. Painful memories from battles plague him when he raises his sword, and he fears that one day he’ll hesitate and he, or one of his brothers, will perish. Leaving his castle to thwart his battle hero destiny, he stumbles across a young woman. Rumors whisper she’s born of fairies, but Orrick only sees a beautiful woman in jeopardy.

Isolde Nicolson is a devoted daughter of her clan, but when she rejected her chieftain brother’s choice of a cruel husband by striking her brother with an arrow, she’s banished. The kindly Orrick shelters her in the safety of the MacLeod castle where they soon unlock hidden desires. Orrick wishes to ask for her hand in marriage, but when he tries to do what’s right, everything goes wrong.

As an incident threatens to tear the MacLeod family apart, a pivotal and bloody battle between English and Scottish forces ensues. Soon the warrior who can no longer fight must stand to protect everything he holds dear.

June 14
Tule Publishing
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CelticBarb ,

Phenomenal Read

Isle of Skye
12 September 1741

This story begins with a large amount of sibling jealousy, plus many Nicolson warriors felt a woman with a weapon to defend herself, clan and country was very unnatural and disgusting! Even though Isolde Nicolson was definitely their strongest warrior! An honor that only should bestowed on men, at least that is what the new Laird John Nicholson and most of his warriors thought. Even though John and Isolde’s Nicholson’s father the former Laird had been training his daughter to be a warrior since she was six years. Due to her gifted ability she was the best Nicolson warrior which her father knew and was proud of his lass, promising her a place as a warrior in his army. As she was the strongest warrior, but tragically he and her mother were drowned at sea while traveling now her brother John was Laird. He made sure she would never be a warrior as he and the other men were always calling her names and criticizing her warrior abilities. Now he was forcing her into an unwanted marriage, but allowed her to a competition against her would be husband Ewen MacPhee. Except this dishonorable scoundrel pushed her and made her hit her brother and pregnant sister-in-law. Now her brother was Laird and his word was law and she was immediately exiled from her clan with only the clothes on her back.

Unfortunately this is how she first meets the villainous English Lieutenant Collins who captures her and forces her to spy or he will make up charges against her brother and charge him as a traitor which would have him arrested and most likely executed. So she didn’t have a choice eventually she escaped the English and their games of espionage as she would never go against her countrymen. However Isolde finds a cave to hide and lives off the land for over a year as she lives in solitude. Therefore, even her clothes deteriorated through time so she made clothes from animal pelts and the natural elements that surround her as she became a wild wilderness woman. So meeting Orrick MacLeod was the first human she saw or even spoke to in over a year. A man she hadn’t seen since she was twelve years old, what Isolde does not realize is her life is about to change forever!

Another nearby village was raided by the MacQueen clan and an adopted child named Emlyn was missing. The parents didn’t even report her missing until many many hours later as if she did not matter. This disgusted Orrick, who had been home for over six months, but still couldn’t pick up a weapon. After his father got a serious head wound from a previous battle he became a brutal, cruel wicked monster, who murdered his own mother! So he and his triplet brothers Alastair who is the oldest and now Laird, plus his other brother Tormad went to the West Indies to fight as paid mercenaries. Orrick lived with so much guilt and regrets, seeing the faces of the innocent men dead men he killed in his head. He couldn’t move on, but he wanted to succeed in rescuing an innocent lost child. This is where he first meets Isolde except he never saw a woman appear like this, it turns out they hear the child’s cries as a badger is holding the child captive with her leg by its sharp teeth. Again Orrick couldn’t lift a weapon where Isolde got attacked by the badger but did free Emlyn from the badger. Isolde was definitely Emlyn’s heroine now as she rescued the young orphan and the badger finally took off releasing Emlyn but also bit Isolde. Orrick convinces Isolde to get care from his healer at Dunvegen Castle his home.

Orrick’s family isn’t thrilled to see Isolde Nicolson,¿ as they recognize her immediately and are afraid the Nicolson clan won’t remain an ally. Even their ghost of a mother Janet MacLeod is afraid this woman will cause this family great harm, as she always wants to protect her children. She still does not understand why she hasn’t moved on in death, but feels she must protect her children at all costs as long as she is able. Furthermore, Laird Alastair can smell the battle of Culloden coming all being Jacobite supporters. Of course feelings so. change when the English are trying to force the MacLeod’s hand on getting their support for their English King which will never happen! So the English try a set the MacLeod up that will put the women in a horrible situation where lives might be at risk, but Isolde puts her life on the line! Now Isolde knows the English will terrorize the MacLeod’s to get to her anyway possible! The enormous problem is that she is madly in love with Orrick MacLeod, a man that is definitely her soul mate and Orrick is also madly in love with Isolde and refuses to accept her escape to keep them all safe! Yet Isolde will not risk anyone else’s life, but this time isolation will be horrific as she has gotten to know and love so many MacLeods a true friendship with Gwendolyn, Fiona, even Rowena and Orrick’s brothers Alastair! Tormad, Calum and even warrior Graeme, and their ghost of a mother Janet MacLeod and she adores Emlyn like a daughter. She is filled with sadness and regret, plus was hoping she and her brother and her sister-in-law Sarah could reconcile and she could have a relationship with her niece Brea and visit the Nicolson’s Scorrybreac castle. She still felt she being watched while she was here too. What will Isolde and Orrick do as she has truly won this highlanders heart and has changed his way of thinking about everything! Will Orrick and Isolde reunite or be separated forever? Read and find out!

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