Toad Words

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From author T. Kingfisher comes a collection of fairy-tale retellings for adults. By turns funny and dark, sad and lyrical, this anthology draws together in one volume such stories as "The Wolf and the Woodsman," "Loathly," and "Bluebeard's Wife," along with an all-new novella, "Boar & Apples."

Author's Note: Many of these stories have appeared in various forms on the author's blog.

Fiction & Literature
August 5
T. Kingfisher
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Prairie_Dog ,

An Excellent Collection of Fantasy Tales from T. Kingfisher

“Toad Words” is another excellent collection of short stories and one novella from T. Kingfisher (the pen name of Ursula Vernon). In her introduction, she says that she was unaware she could write short stories. We should all be grateful that others convinced her she could do so! She also is responsible for the cute cover art for the e-book edition I read.

The stories are mostly based on folklore, for example the novella “Boar & Apples” is clearly based on “Snow White.” However, these tales are all deliciously different. Some are slightly darker than the original fairly tales, but most have a hopeful outcome. This volume is a great read, and you’ll find yourself finishing it all too soon. Fortunately, there are more T. Kingfisher works to be enjoyed.

Wetwombat ,

Vivid imagery from an active imagination!

Ursula Vernon never disappoints me with her prose, and this collection is no exception. The title story Toad Words is quirky, interesting, and a thoughtful examination on finding the blessing within the most unpleasant curse.

Her take on Snow White in the novella Boar and Apples is an fun romp through a far grittier fairy tale land than your usual Disney fare, and her treatment of the Red Riding Hood tale leaves me wanting a return to that place.

I can't recommend this collection enough!

Archangel Beth ,

This is really good.

(Confession: I didn't buy it on iTunes. But now I can read it on iBooks or Marvin. So.)

This anthology is primarily re-tellings of fairy tales... With twists. Very good twists. The twists aren't there just for Being A Twist, but to give depth. To play with "what if."

Sample if you don't already know "T. Kingfisher's" work, but it's an insta-buy for me & I was not disappointed. The Intro alone is excellent.

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