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Looking to encourage spontaneous language?  Toddler Actions is the perfect choice!  It is ideal for ages 0 months and up.  Toddler Actions Series 1 features educational and engaging videos of actions such as climbing, brushing teeth, running, etc.  Since many children are visual and auditory learners, we would often spend hours searching the internet for the perfect images and videos depicting the vocabulary we were targeting in our speech therapy sessions. .  It ended up being so time-consuming that we decided to make it easier for families and therapists by creating this interactive book. 

In terms of speech and language milestones, at around 12 months, your children will have about 5-10 single words.  By 2 years of age, your child will have about 50-100 words. At this point they will also start combining words, so they may comment on the book by saying "boy running".  You can even start teaching the present progressive ending "ing".  And at 3 years and beyond, your children will start producing 3-4 word sentences such as “The boy is walking”.  The grammatically appropriate sentences are written below each picture. You can even add your own spin on things by adding an additional phrase such as a prepositional phrase like "The boy is running in the park”.  For any age, you can target "wh" questions such as, "What is the boy doing?" We even use the book with older children to target reading, writing, grammar, and punctuation.

Series 1: Brushing Hair, Building Blocks, Chasing Birds, Climbing, Dancing, Drinking, Imitating, Popping Bubbles, Rubbing Eyes, Running, Sitting, Sliding, Spinning, Talking, and Watching TV.

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February 16
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