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Are you feeling overwhelmed with raising your children? Are you struggling with connecting with your child? Are you yearning for an environment filled with love and understanding? Keep on reading…

Going to bed without objections, no tantrums, a no-drama mealtime, anxiety-free potty training… Does this sound like a fairy tale? For the majority of parents, it does. Few people know the chaos and challenges that come with being a parent prior to becoming one. There is nothing that can prepare you for it. Parenting is a skill, and little by little, it can be improved and enjoyed.

Have you heard of positive parenting? Well, everything you will read in this book is based on the philosophy of positive discipline. There are no bad children, only bad behavior. This approach is focused on training parents to become peaceful and to recognize bad behavior on time. It eliminates the yelling and frustration, providing a calm and stimulating environment in which your kids can grow.

You can be the patient parent raising good, happy, and confident children who listen when you talk.

Welcoming a baby into your household is one of the biggest changes of your life. To nurture him or her into a responsible, whole-brain, and respectful human being is a huge responsibility. As excited and delighted as you are, you may also feel scared and helpless. Every parent does! Children don't come with an instruction manual. That is why you need strong support, exactly what this book provides.

There are many new techniques and strategies for raising cooperative children, but most don't have long-lasting effects, which may lead you into frustration. After reading this comprehensive guide and understanding what positive parenting means, you can acquire mindful logic, extensive knowledge, and effective tools that will help you easily tame and discipline even the most explosive and inflexible children.

The philosophy of positive discipline builds upon what Maria Montessori, a revolutionary educator and pedagogue, said: "One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child".

This book will prepare you to tackle the most difficult challenges of raising kind toddlers of any age, like:
- Positive discipline explained in detail – definition, principles, benefit
- The most common troubles you can expect from your toddler at each stage
- How to get started with positive discipline
- The positive approach to sleep training – how to overcome bed-wetting and co-sleeping
- Tips on using positive parenting to potty train your toddler
- Breaking the cycle of tantrums and misbehavior – why they happen and how to stop them
- How to stimulate a creative mind and imagination, as well as build self-esteem and confidence in your toddler
- Developing positive habits and routines
- How to prepare your toddler for preschool

Parenting doesn't need to be difficult. All you need is the willingness and commitment to abandon reactive thinking and master positive parenting. With instructions and advice in this book, you'll become the happiest parent on the block in no time.

Ready to follow your curiosity? Grab your copy and start your journey of becoming a super parent!

March 20
Meryl Kaufman
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