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Isolating in her grief, recently widowed Lou is coerced by a friend in recovery into volunteering at a camp for children from troubled family backgrounds. Meeting the other volunteers, the camp supervisor and the youngsters, Lou begins to emerge from her isolation and learns to live and laugh once again. She finds herself intrigued by handsome lawyer, Garvey, who soon begins to defy his initial impression as a self-centred egotist. She also finds herself drawn to the enigmatic camp supervisor Cal who seems determined to spend his life making reparation for a past he cannot forgive.
As she becomes involved in the lives of the youngsters in her care, Lou starts to realise that her life, and life experiences, have been leading her toward a new journey, one she is already beginning to prepare for.
A story of strong personalities learning to cope with lifes difficulties and finding ways to move forward. The friendships develop and grow as the volunteers and youngsters begin the long road to trusting others with their secrets and confronting the changes that sharing those secrets will herald. At times this is not a cosy read, the hardships and struggles are reflected in the language, but ultimately it is a heart warming book that shows if we are able to learn to trust, we can grow. This book is aimed at 18 and over readers due to the language and sexual content

December 11
Annie Campbell
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Customer Reviews

Snoellec ,

Great read

Great first novel. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to reading more from Annie!

Daisy1234 ,

Excellent first novel

I read this book over about two weeks; at my age, memory is not my strength. There were a few connections between early and later parts of the novel that I missed and went back to reread later. I am not a writer and can only talk about what I like or not.

I was very impressed with Annie Campbell's grasp of character development and human nature in general. The children in her story are from very dysfunctional families and she treats them with a deep understanding. There is also a love story wound throughout. She seems to have loads of fun with what I would call purple prose!

I hope Annie will write more!

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