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Welcome to the world of the young and restless.

Notorious playboy and billionaire Mika Kingsley plays the game of life just like he plays at business in the boardroom...hard, fast and taking no prisoners. What he doesn't already own, he conquers and masters, bending all comers to his iron unyielding will. However, after tragedy strikes Mika finds himself desperately searching for something he can hold on to when into his new world of chaos and disarray walks... nurse Raeva... From the very first moment he lays eyes on her, he set his mind and considerable resources to acquiring her body and soul, unaware that this is one conquest that may prove more than a match for his indomitable sense of control.

Raeva Ray is young, brash, educated and beautiful. He quickly realizes that it will take more than flash and money to tame this beautiful sexy creature. Despite outward appearances however, when it comes to navigating her way around a man's heart...Raeva is clueless. After a few failed and unhealthy relationships, she had vowed to remain single and chaste...FOREVER! Like a perfect storm brewing on the horizon, these two enigmatic souls seem charted on a collision course with fate. Into her finely structured life walks Mika Kingsley, with his charismatic smile, enigmatic presence and his oh so dirty mouth. Temptation on two legs, Mika plays her body like an instrument. Raeva is finally learning what it’s like to have her body worshiped, and what it feels like to be helpless and overcome with desire and pleasure. She falls hard and fast and everything is perfect.’s not.

Mika is determined to hide all his secrets and mistakes. But they are coming back to haunt him; he knows he could lose Raeva forever. With things flying out of control and their world falling apart, Raeva must choose between what seems to be the truth and the truth she feels in her heart. Can Mika keep those he loves safe and avoid losing the one woman who makes him want to live for tomorrow?

May 28
Haylee Thorne
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

roooer ,

Tomorrow Haley Thorn

Amazing book! Has all the components of a good movie; sweet, tender, caring, love like anyone would strive to have, suspense, intrigue, danger, travel and a real ending to the book.

Diliana1025 ,

Amazing debut

Thorne starts off the Kingsley Saga with a bang! I’m very impressed that this is a debut novel and I look forward to see not just more of what the Kingsley clan will go to, but also what Haylee Thorne has to offer. She is definately one to watch!

potter3417 ,


couldn’t get into this book, like at ALL. super cheesy and childish, the main just goes off on a vacation with this man she spent one night with, across the world ?? makes zero sense, i can’t figure out who the italicized is supposed to be. just, don’t.

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