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The naked, maimed body found floating off the coast of Cornwall's English Channel presents a vexing puzzle for Detective Inspector Morgan Davies and her Scene of Crimes Manager, Calum West. Post-mortem confirms the dead man's wounds are evidence of torture, but without a name, a crime scene, or a motive, the detectives are stymied. 

Two days later, a woman reports her partner, Archie Hansen, missing. A farmer and Druid, Archie had made a dangerous discovery he dared not share with anyone. Is he the anonymous floater?

Unraveling this mystery of betrayal, greed, and revenge will test the investigative skills and intuition of Davies and West as never before. With so little evidence, can they outsmart a wickedly clever killer?

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 15
Northstar Editions
William Eric Nothdurft

Customer Reviews

twila janet ,

Too clever by half

Interesting weaving the story together

Dean of Ark ,

Great read!

Ended a bit abruptly. I would have enjoyed some more of the trial. Also, would have liked to know more about Dickey’s ending, Canada or something different Max might have arranged for him. The characters are interesting to follow.

Disneytoni ,

Too Clever by Half

This book was interesting however, not without some problems. For example, the references to the previous book with the same characters left you confused if you had not read that book. Also, the plot element regarding otherwise ordinary people who belong to a revived Druid group seems a bit far fetched. At times, the murder plot seems riveting but at others it seems quite tedious with great amounts of detail. The subplot of the attraction between the two main characters could be developed a bit more as it was only a bit tantalizing but never came to fruition which was somewhat frustrating. On the other hand, the other characters seem to have no problem engaging in romantic entanglements for very underhanded purposes. It seems that the author includes romantic relationships for dark purposes only between the characters and leaves only the suggestion of romance between the characters seeking to solve the crimes. The subplot of the unearthed treasure and the attempt to sell it on the black market makes the reader feel a decided lack of sympathy for the murder victims in this novel. I’m pretty sure I won’t be reading another one of these books anytime soon.

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