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What if the serial killer you were investigating was someone you knew?

DS Wendy Knight's first murder case was always going to test her limits, but even she couldn't anticipate that a sadistic serial killer might be someone she knew - very well.

As her investigation unfolds, so too does a sinister plot that will turn her world upside down and make it increasingly difficult to distinguish friend from foe in her tightknit world.

By the time Wendy realises she is the killer's final intended victim, she's left fighting against her personal instincts - and for her life.

Adam Croft is the USA Today and worldwide number 1 bestseller of crime and psychological thrillers, with more than one million books sold to date.

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 4
Adam Croft

Customer Reviews

CherryChalu ,

Pretty Good

I would say this is more of a beginners book for young adults, or a older teen. It was pretty short being about 200 pages. Plot twist was pretty good. Read it in a day.

MannyPalace ,

Was alright but..

This read was truly mixed for me. The fact that the main character is a woman who is supposed to be strong and independent, but is perfectly fine with being talked down to, belittled, and objectified by her superior because “that’s Jack!” seems really out of date and tired. It’s 2019, I feel like this sort of thing just isn’t accepted in real life professional situations, and it’s not something that needs to be played out in fiction either. The story, for me, also lacked a lot of fleshing out, and I felt the ending was rushed. I found myself entertained by the plot line, but often desiring more depth from the characters, was shocked a few times by the manner in which Wendy, the protagonist, is treated by her boss, and just overall felt it needed more. The story line itself, however, wasn’t bad.

Turtlehill ,

Not so believable

Crazy story! The abrupt conclusion to the story and the emotions of DS Knight are not believable to me.

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