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Too Far Gone

A Grey Justice Novel

Some obsessions can be deadly

Gabriella Mendoza has lived her life in seclusion. Guarded by the most corrupt men in the world, she has no chance for escape until an unexpected meeting with the mysterious Grey Justice Group changes everything. Gabriella is free for the first time in her life, but is that freedom all a lie?

Vengeance is Jonah Slater’s only purpose. Finding the man who killed his fiancée and making him pay is his only goal. Babysitting the pampered princess of a crime boss is not part of his agenda. But the more he gets to know Gabriella, the more he realizes that protecting her might be the most worthwhile thing he’s ever done.

They thought they knew the threats, believed they were contained. Jonah and Gabriella soon learn that evil has varying degrees and many faces. And very often, the deadliest is the one you never see coming.

July 27
Christy Reece
Christy Reece

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Mblteach ,

Too Far Gone

Too Far Gone
Christy Reece
I rank this book in my top 10 books. Oh my gosh! How can Gabby survive all she went through? This is something Jonah who hadn't had an easy life either couldn't believe. She was one strong lady. Gabby knew Jonah was one strong man. Could their strength and courage help them survive and let them heal?
Reading this is a non-stop journey into suspense, horror, and breath holding adventure. Couldn't put it down.

ShellyReyn ,


What a page turner!! This latest installment of the Grey Justice series is nothing short of amazing! Full of action, suspense, betrayal, twist and turns, and ghost from the past, it kept me captivated! Never knowing who to trust, who has ulterior motives, and why Gabby is such an important pawn makes this a thrilling read. Witnessing evil first hand, Gabby wants nothing more than to jus be free from her grandfather's iron rule. Jonah is set on revenge for the murder of his fiancee. Now he's had to put that on hold while he takes on the mission Grey has given him. Protect Gabby. But ghosts from Jonah's past could make that impossible. Is the attraction Gabby feels just hero worship? Will Jonah's devotion to revenge be sidetracked by his heart? Will either of them make it out alive? I am a huge fan of Christy Reece and I gobble up everything she writes! I highly recommend this series!!


Romantic Thriller with Twists and Turns

When I open a Christy Reece book I know I’m in for a treat. She consistently delivers quality novels that immediately draw you in and life around you does not exist until you’ve read the last word. I know that I’m going to be entertained the entire book and by the end there’s a smile for the HEA and usually a shocked look on my face by what Christy has just done. Christy creates the most vile and twisted villains. She writes strong women characters (and men too) who fight fierce and love just as fierce. Too Far Gone is action-packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Just when you think you know the ending and how it’s going to wrap up, you get a twist you would never see coming. Intriguing read with likeable and developed characters. Christy does a great job weaving high-action suspense with romance. I often fall in love with Christy’s leading men and Jonah is no exception. He is strong, gruff, stubborn, as well as a kind and caring protector with a big heart. Gabby is has had a rough and sheltered life and she could have become a useless wallflower. Christy instead made her a warrior full of courage with a need to experience life and independence. Gabby has become a favorite character of mine. To Far Gone is a fantastic addition to the Grey Justice series. I highly recommend this book as well as all of Christy’s books (Grey Justice series, LCR series, LCR Elite series, and her Wildefire series written as Ella Grace).

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