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This sizzing collection of M/F tentacle sex stories contains three complete stories and over 13.000 words of NC-17 rated tentacle monster erotica.

Contains the following stories at a get-it-now discount:

Hentai Tentacle Demon

Neat and proper schoolteacher Sue has a secret vice: she loves to read hentai comics. Her favorite genre is full of tentacle monsters and innocent, dewy-eyed maidens getting every orifice filled to bursting point, and it gets her going like nothing else.

Lately Sue's been getting frustrated. Even the raunchiest tentacle porn comic isn't enough to bring her off anymore.

But then she turns to the final page of her latest comic, and the tentacle monster comes ALIVE...

Warning: this 4.200 word story contains demons, masturbation and lots of smoking-hot, filthy tentacle demon sex: oral, anal, vaginal and all points inbetween.

Hentai Tentacle School

Schoolteacher Sue has one very extracurricular hobby: in the privacy of her own home, she summons tentacle demons. She loves her hentai tentacle comics, but the reality is even better. She can’t get enough of her sexy demon and his slick, wet tentacles.

Now, her lusty thoughts have accidentally summoned her tentacle demon while she’s at school. What is she going to do when his tentacles rip her clothes off right there in the classroom?

Warning: this 4.300 word story contains demonic sex, tentacles, breath play, multiple tentacle penetration and a boatload of depraved and dirty tentacle sex.

Sinful Tentacles

Sister Mary Grace is an innocent virgin nun at the Convent of Innocents. She has always been chaste and pure…but only in deed, not in thought.

To punish her lustful thoughts, she is sent down to the Convent’s dark cellars, where an ancient evil lurks. Huge, slick tentacles are reaching toward Sister Mary Grace in the dark…

Warning: this 4.400 word story contains a Catholic nun breaking her vows, the deflowering of a virgin, multiple tentacle penetration and tons of hot tentacle sex.

Fiction & Literature
January 25
Isabel Dare
Draft2Digital, LLC

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