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This book looks at a new US Patented therapeutic invention created for treating symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Today, thousands of men are using the vacuum based invention to offset their ED symptoms prior to having intercourse. The essence of hundreds of customer’s questions and answers are contained in the document. Customer’s commentary and reviews in support of the product are provided.

Major topics include … How to: 1) Patent an Invention, 2) Start a Business, 3) Manufacture a New Product, 4) Market Products, 5) Sell Them and 6) Do What's Needed for Delivery. 

The author uses his own encounter with ED as a springboard to create and manufacture a new treatment product for any man who has difficulty with ED. This book has solid information on this growing health concern. Statistical evidence is cited for the reader to explain how this dominant male health concern will expand in the future.

Any guy who has experienced symptoms of ED will want to read this book. Chapters 8-12 (Parts 1-5) tell about the creation, production and distribution of the new patented device. Every available modern ED therapy is discussed and reviewed. Solutions for coping with and treating the impact of ED on a man’s life are reviewed. The new product’s treatment advantage for fighting symptoms of ED is thoroughly explained. Many suggestions for keeping Ed at bay are provided.

The story includes how to start a small business and uses narrative related to the Patented Pump-N-Gro product as a business case. Example details of how to start and run a small business are covered by using the author’s company Tractal Devices LLC. 

The story contains the trials and tribulations of his new startup. Reviewed in detail are several manufacturing difficulties related to plastic injection molding operations. If you ever start a business yourself, studying the author’s product development documentation will save you a lot of time and money. 

The author hopes you benefit as much from his story as he has.

Health, Mind & Body
September 11
Tractal Devices LLC
Richard Smith

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