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Being online can be a challenge and means having the right SEO plan! You are making a new project represented by a blog/website. Are you looking to rank in Google in a few weeks with some On-Site SEO technics? Starting a new blog? Already launched a new blog? Have the right answers now in order to "break the bank"!

April 2019 Version 1.0

Are you already work on your content considering the last Florida 2 Google update? Keep your self updated with the right On-Site SEO Kindle eBook!

You need this SEO Kindle eBook to boost your SEO plan and your business online as soon as possible, beating your competitions! Working online, in digital marketing, includes spending time on SEO optimizations and you need to have answers to important questions: don't waste your precious time. 

Why Should You Buy Top 50 On-Site?

This Kindle eBook is a step by step guide on 50 On-Site SEO specific marketing tips. Those tips will help you to improve your domain authority in your market/niche, giving visibility to your product/website. What are you going to have? Get yourself prepared on SEO reading the “Top 50 SEO Tips” by Marketing Predictor. Your website will start to rank in Google with your main niche keywords. Get results in a few weeks and be excited about it! 

Be ready to review 50 unveiled SEO tips to react to Florida 2 Google Update. You will be able to develop a website/blog from scratch, since the first step, deciding the Top Level Domain and optimizing the accessibility updating the robot.txt and sitemap.xml.

This Is Not Another On-Site SEO eBook

Take advantage of 50 On-Site SEO: a strategy that includes some implementations to make straight on your website, all already tested! Rank in Google with a website/blog technically perfect from an SEO approach. On-Site SEO can be implemented with Off-Site SEO, comprised of SEO practices to make using external marketing sources, not on your site! Having an On-Site and Off-Site plan reading also the "100 SEO Tips" eBook coming out soon would be an asset for your a new blog.

You need some On-Site SEO tips to rank your content based on keywords now! Reading this Kindle eBook you are going to know how!

What about SEO Benefits?

Following the 50 SEO tips included in the Kindle eBook you will get where Google and your audience want, respecting your target needs creating a brand voice. 

Start improving your page rank from now and get your plan done in 2019:

- 50 SEO tips tested by the Marketing Predictor team

- Free and paid SEO tools list

- Boost of impressions in a few weeks

- Conversion Rate Growth

- User Experience improvement according to RankBrain algorithm


***** Using those stunning tips I fixed my business drop, doubling my blog organic traffic after Florida 2 Google update! - Sam Smith


My name is Francesco Mercuri, the blogger behind Marketing Predictor with a passion for content writing. Well, I am the Marketing Predictor guy! I’ve been working as a marketing and social media executive in Malta. I worked in the USA as a marketing coordinator from November 2015 until May 2017.

And now I am over here, on this online spot, to share my experience with you. Currently, I work full-time as an SEO manager at a digital marketing and communications agency!

Inbound marketing is what I love! And you? What do you love? Aside from work and blogging, I enjoy spending time doing sports, eating, and reading comic books. I love experimenting with new hacks to make my life easier and meeting new people with my same passions.

Let’s dive into your business to boost it together implementing your SEO plan!

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