Torc Of Moonlight Trilogy (Books 1-3‪)‬

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The Torc of Moonlight boxed set contains three time-spanning Fantasy novels set in northern England based on the Celtic belief in water deities.
Have you never tossed coins into a wishing well?

Book 1: Torc Of Moonlight – Hull : Celtic
Book 2: The Bull At The Gate – York : Roman
Book 3: Pilgrims Of The Pool – Durham : Mediaeval

Book 1: Torc of Moonlight – Nick Blaketon isn’t having the best of times at Hull University, and when pieces of his life start disappearing he locks on to studious Alice for stability. Drawn into her obsession to discover the shrine to a Celtic water deity, Nick is in denial… until he sees a jewelled sword fade in his hand and knows that he, or some "thing" that shadows him, has held it, and bloodied it, long ago. To tell Alice will make her flee. To stay silent could kill her.

Book 2: The Bull At The Gate – Nick has moved to York, a mediaeval city of half-timbered houses and tight cobbled streets where Viking re-enactment groups thrill the tourists. Yet deep in the crypt of York Minster sit the foundations of an earlier occupation, the Roman fortress of Eboracum which garrisoned both the infamous Ninth Legion and the Sixth Victrix. When one of Nick’s colleagues is reported missing and the police begin to ask awkward questions about Alice, an artefact from the Temple of Mithras appears on his desk. A clever reproduction, or a 1700 year old relic looking as new as if it had been made yesterday?

Book 3: Pilgrims Of The Pool – Nick leaves Durham to free Alice from the Pool, echoing pilgrims who 900 years before him seek a fabled spring where an angel-woman cures all ills. Alice is overjoyed to be reunited with Nick, but she is not the Alice he remembers. As is the land, she is transforming. When her presence at the Pool is jeopardised by a hydraulic fracturing operation and the conservation activists opposing it, Nick cannot walk away. As Time loops, is the greater threat from a mediaeval past of hallowed saints and conjured demons? Can Nick find faith enough to change events, or has Alice’s power to heal initiated her own demise?

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 8
Linda Acaster
Draft2Digital, LLC

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