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Swedish-born hockey player Tore Brekken thought he’d be a bachelor for life. The parties, the women, the lavish vacations— and the Ferrari. He has everything he could ever want, but his extreme lifestyle has been taking a toll. As much as he hated to admit it, he needed to settle down. He just didn’t expect to go from seriously single to daddy material overnight.

Single mom Margot Delgado’s life revolves around her four-year-old daughter Gracie. Tired of being let down, she doesn’t have time to waste dating men she can’t count on. Especially some hotshot hockey player with a playboy reputation as big as his... bank account.

But when the annual Fantasy Night rolls around, Margot decides to let her hair down— and for once she isn’t just someone’s mom, but someone’s wildest fantasy. From the first taste she knows she could get drunk on the way Tore makes her feel, and one night with him will never be enough. 

When reality comes crashing dow, and things get complicated, will they both be willing to risk it all for a chance to win big?

January 19
Kat Mizera
Katherine Mizera

Customer Reviews

lclrav ,

From friend to lover

Margot is a single mom that has been through a lot. She’s been raising her daughter for four years by herself with only the help of her best friend. Her boyfriend ran away when she told him she was pregnant.
Tore is a player but has had a crush on Margot for months and when he finally gets the courage to act on it, she friend zoned him. Margot needs stability for her and her daughter and she doesn’t believe Tore can provide it.
Tore must change Margot opinion of him.
Will Tore be able to change Margot’s mind? Will they be able to get a happy ending?
I really like this story. I liked the first book, I like this one and I can’t wait to read the next on the series. Once I started reading I didn’t want to stop!

easwain ,

Two Souls Meant to be! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic’s Read

Margot and Tore have some hot chemistry! Tore has been chasing Margot for a year now... she friend zoned him and he wants to get out of there badly. One wild night together and Tore knows that she is meant for him. Their story is mixed with a lot of trust issues and they struggle. When they finally open up and say the words they start a beautiful life together!

One more thing... their sexy times are super HOT 🔥!!

5 you will need a fan stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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