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Then they are reunited.

This detonates an unstoppable explosion of events that embroils Mike Delaney in the battle of his life.

Hunted by 'the sepulchre killer' who uses an ancient and long forgotten weapon.

Ex assassin, Hong Kong cop and one-time warrior monk, Mike Delaney is part of confess-confess, the citizen's crime busting website. When he falls for a sob story in Ireland (the land of his birth) he is catapulted into a nail-biting battle for survival and sucked into an international conspiracy.

Delaney was simply doing a favour for an innocent Irish nun. He didn't expect it to spiral into a fight for survival, and grapple with an almost unstoppable force.

Identical twins unable to avoid their destinies. Will they both survive? 'You'll never read more high-octane thriller this year. Or any year.'

5-star reviews
'The best action adventure thriller I've read this year' - aweston39
'For fans of deMille, Child, Patterson. Pulse Pounding' - Texas
'Leaves you breathless, helpless, heartbroken' - Tex
'You will never guess the end' - Dorothy Stone

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 11
David Callinan
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Ellen/Oceanside ,


TORN APART. By David Callinan. A Mike Delaney thriller
Mike has a cold bed fellow a .38 Smith and Wesson, also known as The Monk. Assignment be a courier and deliver a packet to London, collect his fee, simple. Note flutters to the floor, Mike was in trouble. He meets up with his friend The Messenger, who has a request, to go as The Monk back to Ireland. Imagine spending one's life in a religious place, to turn twenty one and find you have an identical twin sister. She has no money or passport, and unknown to outside world. Mike doesn't do Lost and found.
Will you check in to see what happened when I delivered the packet, a case of bad tempered Russians or what. Talking with Beatrice, did she realize this could change her vocation. What follows when they find Constance, she was contacted also, the connected person same as for Mike. An assassination plot, what did they want, or was it something with adopted parents. This is a fantastic plot, that David wrote, how all the twist and turns makes a great story for readers.

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