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If you could remember the confidence you felt when your prom date said yes, could it embolden you to ask for a raise today? Could the thrill you felt fitting into your skinny jeans five years ago inspire you to skip the doughnuts this morning? Would the details of your early days with a heartbreaking ex help you recognize the potential red flags in a sexy new romance?

Marilu Henner says, “YES!”

In this revolutionary new book, the New York Times bestselling author, renowned health advocate, actress, performer, and memory expert helps you develop the ability to remember more of your past, to recall it more clearly, and most of all, to understand your memories as a blueprint for the extraordinary life you were meant to have! Marilu is gifted with Highly Superior Auto-biographical Memory (HSAM), a rare and incredible ability that allows her to vividly recall every detail of her life since childhood. While most of us may prefer to keep the unhappy times buried in the past, Marilu has discovered that only by remembering what happened then can we change our lives for a better now.

The past is prelude to the future. But how much of our lives do most of us really remember? And what would our memories tell us if they could? Get ready to harness the power of your autobiographical memory. Total Memory Makeover is unlike any memory book ever written. It’s not about using mnemonic devices or unusual strategies to remember lists, definitions, names, or numbers.

The simple, practical (and fun!) exercises in this unique book will help you:

· Stop turning painful memories into emotional baggage

· Discover your personal memory Track

· Unlock repressed memories that are holding you back

· Understand the four types of memory retrieval—Horizontal, Vertical, Mushrooming, and Sporadic—and determine which works best for you

· Recall memories faster and stop them from fading

· Teach your kids to have great memories

· Turn your newfound memories into a treasure map to a successful future!

Are you ready? Let’s get started on your Total Memory Makeover!

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April 24
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Customer Reviews

FutureBeast ,

I passed my history test!

I have to admit that I was not too sure about this book when I first saw it. My mother bought it and had it sitting on her living room table. She is always really into self-help books and loves the other ones that Marilu Henner has put out over the years. When I saw the book it sort of peaked my interest as I am currently taking a history class at my local community college. I read over a couple of chapters and was able to use the little bit I learned to help me remember the material for my final. It really helped me to focus and not to worry about my anxieties.

This book has a lot of other interesting techniques that are a great and practical way to begin to manage memory. I can't wait to borrow the book and read it all!

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