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THIS IS BOOK 7 IN AN 8-PART EPISODIC SERIES. Each book completes a story arc, but it includes a series cliffhanger that connects Books 1-4; And then Books 5-8.


For the women of Totlandia, spring brings new life and emotional renewal...

A big question for Bettina is whether she’ll succumb to an easy fix for her problems, or will she embrace the challenge that may lead to the financial and emotional freedom she craves…

At the same time, Bettina’s mysterious disappearances are adding to Lorna’s anxieties to keep the club on an even keel up until she delivers her twins. Little does she know that a cruel trick by the power-hungry Kelly will curdle Lorna’s relationship with her mother-in-law, Eleanor;

Jillian is fighting her former mother-in-law for custody of her deceased ex-husband’s infant child. The good news: Caleb has taken to his new role as über-dad with gusto. The bad news: it’s causing trouble in the Pacific Heights Moms & Tots Club;

And Jade is given an opportunity of a lifetime to prove herself: both as an academic researcher, and as the perfect partner for her fiánce, Reggie. But will his assistant Samantha’s attentions come between them?

And Brady’s quest to reunite Ally with her father may be the one thing that will tear their relationship apart;

Last but not least: Top Moms are in full revolt. They know that their only hope of getting out from under Bettina’s thumb is to secure their secrets-filled files hidden deep within a sculpture to be auctioned off with the rest of her possessions. Let the bidding begin!

April 25
Signal Press
Josie Brown d b a Signal Press Books

Customer Reviews

Twinpower. ,

Engrossing Josie Brown Hit

I was excited to have another Josie Brown novel to enjoy. The families of Totlandia have become well known to me and this novel again showed the "mean girl" side of some of the women in the club. Ms. Brown believably spun her tale page after page, so much so that I grew sad as I cleared page 275 on my iPad. To my upmost surprise and happiness, as she tied some of the problems neatly in a bow -- goodbye Art!-- Totlandia Book 8 is on the horizon. Now faithful readers don't have to say goodbye to the club, to favorites like Lorna, Jillian, Jade and Allie. Even Bettina may have a redeeming quality! I look forward to hearing from my friends in the Totlandia series! Josie Brown's fertile mind has never failed to give me the gift of joy in reading her work. Thank you to her and to the Dominican Sisters who taught me to read!

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