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A thousand years ago, a freak mana quake paralyzed the mighty Realm of the Moi. Its raw power put all brain persons running the bases and ships into lockdown and left the people depending on them safely asleep in their stasis suits. Safe — for as long as their power crystals would hold their charge — and unable to restart the brains.

When the young engineer Kambisha, her twin brother Kyrus, and their friend Odysson stumble into a forbidden tower, way outside the Realm, an awake AI sends them into space to answer an unresolved emergency signal. After they succeed in restarting the local brain person’s life support systems, they get saddled with the job of restoring the Realm.

Now, with more and more of the Realm coming back in operation, the three are warned of another danger. Five, the powerful heritor of the Moi, is stirring in his sleep. Once a wise spiritual leader, madness had warped his mind even before the disaster struck, and his awakening spells disaster both for the Realm and for the three’s own planet of Firstworld.

The three must prepare their forces, discover the mad heritor’s plans, and undo them before he wakes up and comes to destroy them. Even for them, the children of Firstworld’s greatest heroes, the task is daunting. And what about the Gods of the Galaxy, will they remain aloof, blind to the danger that threatens even them? Their carelessness could undo anything that the three attempt.

Luckily they have Six, the untrained clone successor of the mad heritor, who they found adrift in a dead ship. He will be a great help — if he manages to unlock enough of his own powers in time to face his megalomaniacal predecessor — and if he stays loyal and not succumb to the madness that is the fate of the heritors.

“Trail of the Heritor”, Book #2 in the Broomriders in Space-series, an action-packed Space Fantasy Adventure continuing with the third generation, following after the “Wyrms of Pasandir”-series and “Return to Vanhaar”.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 9
Paul E. Horsman
Smashwords, Inc.

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