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Black Library Novella Series 3

On the isolated world of Kepris, a Primaris Space Marine Chapter deploys to break the bloodthirsty cult that rules the world. But will this new Chapter's name spell its doom? After all, the universe has never been kind to the Soul Drinkers…


The Soul Drinkers are reborn! Whether you're a long-time fan of the Chapter or hearing the name for the first time, you're sure to enjoy this tale of a Primaris Space Marine Chapter haunted by sins past.


In the galaxy-spanning conflict of the Indomitus Crusade, an Imperial force is sent to bring the Emperor’s rule back to the isolated world of Kepris. They are the Soul Drinkers, Primaris Space Marines bearing the name and heraldry of a Chapter lost to Imperial history. This strike force finds the planet ruled by a bloodthirsty cult – its cities seized and loyal shrines under siege by the mysterious arch-heretic Yeceqath, the Voice of All. Striking swiftly and with cold fury, only the Soul Drinkers can unravel the heretic’s foul machinations and break Yeceqath’s hold over the world… but there is more at play here, as one of mankind’s oldest enemies lies at the heart of a conspiracy to see Kepris fall, taking the Soul Drinkers with it. 

Written by Ben Counter

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 14
Black Library
Games Workshop Limited

Customer Reviews

Orkypork ,

Really good read!

Glad the Soul Drinkers are back! I love the tragic story of the old Soul Drinkers with Sarpedon and his gang and it looks likemthe new Primaris Chapter are off to a rocky start with the Inquisition, again!

Jalaroc ,


It seems this author doesn’t really pay attention to the lore and novels of other authors. This was a generic book where nothing really stood out. If you had taken out the primaries named, these would have read like regular old space marines. Perhaps this would have done better as a bigger book where the puzzling decision of roboute (easier to spell) to reintroduce the soul drinkers could have been examined amidst the back drop of imperial politics. Especially considering he was dead set against using the two forgotten legions to rebuild. I’m sure we’ll get more books in The future, let’s hope they’re more flavorful and acknowledge the lore.

Rocko0417 ,

It is ok.

As a Soul Drinkers fan I was super happy and pleased to see them come back as Primaris. I was looking for some nod or connection to the chapter before and it just did not really connect. This book doesn’t have any good Easter eggs or nods to the older books.

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