Transcending Physical Consciousness: Ohm and Amen

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Like many of you; I had some questions about life as most of us have asked. The usual stuff; like why am I here, what is it all about – and how did it all start? They are good questions for an awakening aware mind; which is why children ask such questions – until we condition it out of them.

This led me to seek outside the narrow parameters of dogmatic faith, as well as dogmatic science. I started to realize that we have been fed the “short version” of both; whether deliberately, or due to the limitations placed upon free thought in both academia and theology.

It was then I received a “metaphysical education” while having several near death experiences caused by my heart. Words can not express such experiences adequately. Briefly stated; the experiences taught me some facts about our consciousness - not being solely a physical phenomenon.

When I survived my dark night – I emerged a more thoughtful and contemplative person as a result. Driven to understand my experiences; I sought out all the available information and studied it with a newfound vigour. I did not however limit my seeking of truth and knowledge to any single belief system, or any single scientific explanation.

I instinctively knew; that the information I sought was not to be found in the standard sources of accepted science and religion – because for the most part they denied such effects and/or shrouded them in mysterious forms of dogma. Religion and science both say what happened to me either couldn’t happen – or if it did it was “evil” because it conflicted with the dogma.

If you have the guts to go where you are encouraged not to go; and are willing to unfetter yourself from limiting belief systems – I think I can explain the above conundrums. Not only that; but I am sure I can empower many of you to actually experience and understand our conscious journey – because surely under this thin physical disguise – there exists a pervasive metaphysical conscious element.

This conscious element is you, and the proof is indeed everywhere to be seen once we “get it.” I spend my life trying to help people see this great truth which was revealed to me when I had no heartbeat. I can experientially verify this; and back this up intuitively with science – not to mention convict the existing institutions with circumstantial evidence alone. Sin and Salvation Merchants beware; the age of reason is nigh.

I am a dangerous man because of what I know. Being old and not overtly healthy or afraid of much; coupled with knowing the truth about spirit continuance – makes me pretty hard to push around. I have zero fear anymore. I still strive to survive and derive maximum benefit from my experience because I know how this works – but I know we all die by design and that it isn’t as big of a deal as we are convinced it is.

When I was within seconds from having no heartbeat, the first thing “The Voice” told me was that no matter what happens to us in this life – we have nothing to fear. The exact verbs were; “Don’t worry no matter what happens – you’ll be fine.” There is a volume of information to be derived from those scant few words alone – but there is much more.

There was no ambiguity as to the Source of the Voice – it was what we call God. But; and this is a big but – our definition and conception for it was still stuck in the mud of the dark ages intellectually. It was how you would explain it to a child, comparative to what I experienced.

A society all too content with a weak concept for spirituality, and a society with science perched on a mystery pile in fear of collapse – is what we are living in. The great truths about the true nature of reality, and the full unified theory science seeks – are one and the same. Trust me we are not there yet! There are just as many “don’t ask questions” in the scientific community, as there are in a church.

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January 22
Attila Vincent
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