Transcending Religion to Find Spirituality Transcending Religion to Find Spirituality

Transcending Religion to Find Spirituality

Creating a Spiritually Inclusive Society

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Publisher Description

Blending fiction with reality, this book intertwines concepts of spiritual living through the journey of Adam and Esther (a fictional couple based upon the true experiences of an interfaith family). As an interfaith and interracial pair, they navigate the treacherous waters of racism and exclusion, confronting prejudices both within their families and the larger communities they inhabit.

Without disregarding established religious beliefs or valued traditions, this work introduces a groundbreaking perspective rooted in biblical and contemporary sources, where religion is surpassed, pivoting towards fostering both personal and collective spiritual experiences that align with the objectives of a Higher Power.

Delving into humanity through the lens of the soul and spirit, this work seeks to discern the desires of a higher power for mankind. Unshyingly probing the soul's inner dynamics and its sway towards both love and hate, it confronts topics like religion, love, hate, and death, even questioning the higher power's expectations and relationship with humanity. Ultimately, it suggests a novel framework for moving beyond religious constructs to embrace an ultimate form of spirituality.

This is a revolutionary work that suggests a framework that transcends entrenched religious division and proposes to break down the barriers of seclusion and blur the lines of social, religious, and political differences. The response to exclusion is inclusion. The inclusion of different faiths, the inclusion of different cultures, colors, nationalities, sexual orientations, and beliefs all come together to create an amazing tapestry of vibrant colors that make up humanity centered around a single goal - increased spirituality to realize a divine plan for humanity.

Religion & Spirituality
October 11
Maor IS
Gideon Paull