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Trouble doesn't wait until you're ready.

Jack Rimes foiled the genies' plot to steal the United States' space fleet, but he made a powerful enemy. Now that enemy is back, and it's looking for revenge.

The global order is transitioning to a new state, and with change comes extraordinary pain.

Militaries across the world are being reduced in size, with no thought about what it means to have millions of unemployed soldiers and no future prospects. At the forefront is the United States military, which has been forced to cut into operational readiness at an unprecedented rate.

Worse, the military leadership still has its eyes on fighting old wars--armor, aircraft, and ocean-going vessels.

But the new battleground is in space, and only Rimes understands this new paradigm.

When the genies stage a coup that nearly causes the collapse of the new world order, it falls on Lieutenant Jack Rimes to lead the hunt with his Elite Response Force. Aided by the Intelligence Bureau's own secret weapon, will Rimes's vision and determination be enough to stop the genies from their genocidal quest, or will their plan to destroy their creators come to fruition?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 12
Promethean Tales
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Redwolf ,

Excellent follow-up to the first book

I liked the first, “Momentary Stasis”, a lot (5 star rating), but enjoyed this one even more.

Book two kept me on the edge of my seat - fast paced and exciting. The story picks up with Rimes having completed officer training, and watches him grow in his command. Once again, P R Adams' characters are complex, entertaining, and believable. As with the first book, there are no easy solutions, no cookie-cutter villains. Adams expands upon the technological and geo-political themes of the first book, where everyday people struggle to make ends meet while the elite live easy, comfortable lives. In "Transition of Order", we see the creation of a new elite commando force heading out to the stars to track down the genetically modified humans who have sworn to eliminate humankind, and the meta-corporations who created them.

I'm eager to start the third book!

sgulie ,

Passable follow-up

Story line gets a little confusing and repetitive. A lot of character development, but mostly a matter of the main character slowly being ground down. Plenty of action, but starting to feel pretty much like many other self-published military SF novels.

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