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After Coraline finds herself trapped in an elevator along with the Partners of the multi-billion-dollar law firm for which she works, she quickly discovers there's nowhere to hide when the dominant, suave Nathan Harding and towering, muscular David Longfellow set their sights on the vulnerable young employee. Contains adult material including rough sex and double penetration by two gorgeous studs.


Mr. Harding interrupted again by placing a finger to my lips, hushing me. He still wore his faint smile, the finger hovering in close proximity to my face, almost playfully.

“It doesn't really matter, does it, Coraline? Like David said; we're lucky to have you.” His fingertip brushed the edge of my lips, his eyes burning into mine. My heart fluttered at the touch. I was at a loss for words, unable to look away from those piercing gray eyes.

Large, rough hands placed themselves on my shoulders from behind. I could feel the warmth emanating from Mr. Longfellow's towering frame as he leaned in close.

“Very lucky,” Mr. Longfellow murmured in my ear, his voice like granite. “We're glad you enjoyed the wine. It's important to celebrate at times like this, don't you think, Coraline?” His breath, hot and steamy, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and sent shivers down my spine. His callused hands massaged my shoulders, making it difficult to concentrate. I felt my fear giving way to a growing sense of excitement, though I didn't dare focus upon it – not at work, not with my two incredibly wealthy and powerful bosses, and certainly not while stuck in a public elevator!

“I... yes,” I sighed, fighting the urge to let my head rock forward. It might have been the alcohol, but I found myself wanting to melt under those powerful hands. They were strong, but amazingly deft, and seemed to possess a sixth sense allowing them to hone in on the parts of my neck that were most tense and in need of attention.

“Yes, I agree that celebration is in order tonight,” Mr. Harding pressed on, brushing my cheek with his fingertips. My skin prickled at his touch, an electric sensation that made my knees shake. He leaned in, his eyes burrowing into mine.

“I think we shall begin with you,” he whispered, cupping my chin.

Fiction & Literature
January 20
Sage Reamen
Draft2Digital, LLC

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