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The author decided to write Trapped in My Mind for herself and for others who have experienced disturbing moments in their lives. She underwent the most unpredictable and painful episode that a human being can go through. She hopes that sharing this experience with you will teach you and herself how to make a difference in the way people interact with one anotherthat together we will learn how to love and be compassionate and caring. However, she fears that all is gone now. What you are going to read is not a work of fiction, nor is it a love story. Its as real as the sky.

In Trapped in My Mind, the author shares a very dramatic episode that recently happened to her. It is a treatise to societythat we must open our eyes and listen to the illness that might be lurking within and might hit us badly. If, through sharing, she can change how people perceive or judge just one person experiencing what she went through, she will have achieved her goal. This is why she is sharing her own story, sharing her mind. The events that transpire in Trapped in My Mind are real and have affected many lives, mostly the authors.

When you see someone, anyone, wandering while talking to himself or herself, what do you think? What comes to your mind? Probably nothing. Or perhaps you just stare at the person. Maybe you even make fun of the person or just ignore the situation entirely. In truth, its a question that probably most of us dont know how to answer. When you have finished reading Trapped in My mind, you will probablythe author hopes, we will all probablybe able to better comprehend and learn how to react in any specific situation you might be involved in or witness along your path in life.

We know so little about our minds and brains. But the author of Trapped in My Mind does know that the mind has a limitthat it cant take too much and continue to handle the situations we deal with on a daily basis. There are multiple ways to cope in life. Some people drink to forget. Others use drugs and so on to defend themselves, to protect themselves. But sometimes, the author would say that, more than we know, the mind shuts down perhaps because its the only way our minds know to manage a unique situation that could otherwise hurt us whatever that situation may be.

The author was inspired to write Trapped in My Mind for those whove come out of just such a state of mindbecause they fought and they won. They were lost, and they found themselves. To all of you, she extends her sincerest congratulations and adds that you are strong and deserve the best of the best.

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January 30

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