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Looking to wow friends, family and the online community with wall art and instagram-worthy photographs of your travels around the world? Interested in shooting eye-catching photos of the people, places and wildlife of the destinations you’re travelling to? Follow along as travel and lifestyle photographer Emily Sheff shares with you her holistic approach to travel photography, which she breaks down into four easy sections: GEARING-UP, SHOOTING, PROCESSING and SHARING. Using a selection of 40 sample photos from her own portfolio, Emily takes you on a journey to becoming a master of travel photography.

With lessons on taking people portraits of far away cultures, capturing elusive wildlife, and taking notable landscape images through HDR, focus stacking and panorama techniques, Emily's method will help you shoot better travel photographs - that's a given. But it will also lead you through the often daunting task of gearing up for a trip, which includes a comprehensive guide to Emily's '4 P's of Travel Photography'. Next up, you'll find out how to develop an efficient and stress-free processing workflow. During this chapter you'll learn how to enhance your images through simple editing techniques, and develop a method to sorting and backing up your images to ensure you never lose files again. Lastly, Emily shares with you a number of exciting ways to share your travel photos with friends, family and the world.

Whether you’re heading out for a long weekend in the countryside, or on a multi-month off-the-beaten path expedition, you’ll never regret having great photographs of your trip to look back on and share with others. As you flip through your travel photo books, suddenly the memorable sights, sounds, scents and flavours of the places you explored come rushing back. Take great photographs and you’ll cherish the memories of your world travels for many years to come.

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October 7
Emily Sheff
Emily Sheff