Travels In the Land of Hunger a Backpacker's Earthbound Journey from the East to the West

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In the spring of 2004 – after living in Tokyo, Japan for over three years pursuing a career as a freelance musician – science fiction and fantasy author Domenico Italo Composto-Hart set off on a half-year backpacking journey through the lands of East and Southeast Asia, Siberia, Central Russia, the Baltic states, the Nordic countries, and Eastern and Western Europe. Traveling by foot, bus, train, and boat – and seeing the world through the analytical lens of anthropology, archaeology, and economics – Domenico documents, researches, and deciphers the developing nations he encounters as they rise through the turbulence of unregulated Western capitalism and globalization. Travels in the Land of Hunger is the author’s reflective account of the dark, long-lasting impact of Western colonialism and imperialism, the Vietnam War, the Khmer Rouge regime, and the sex tourism and sex trafficking industries in Southeast and East Asia. It is also a narrative of finding exotic beauty, inspiration, and unexpected love.

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January 10
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Customer Reviews

The Lion Heart ,

An incredible solo adventure!

This book is incredibly interesting. It details the author's journey through Southeast Asia and East Asia; and what an incredible solo adventure! It's a heavily researched non-fiction book, but it does have some works of fiction (a steampunk short story based on Shanghai and a dystopian short story).

The author's accounts of what he discovers, finds, and reflects upon are fascinating, true, and inspiring. This book inspired me to do more, to experience more, to live more, to travel more.

I recommend this book to anybody. Even if you're not a fan of Domenico's sci-fi novel, you'll absolutely love this book. It's so interesting and informative (learned a bit about economics and the importance of archaeology and forensic science in documenting not only aspects of history, but documenting disputed acts of violence - Khmer Rouge Killing Fields and the Nanjing Massacre) and the fact that the stories are true add even more weight to the book.

Lucia Eugenia ,

Travels in the Land of Hunger

To be honest, Travels in the Land of Hunger was hard to put down as it had some hard truths, at the same time humble thoughts from the writer, regarding human survival. Domenico goes into a lot of detail while citing his sources on the devastating impacts - social, political, economic - of Western imperialism on the nations of Southeast Asia and China. His accounts of Vietnam during his travels while discussing the horrors of the Vietnam War, such as the inhumane use of Agent Orange and the hundreds of thousands of landmines and unexploded ordnance still buried in the country today, are absolutely eye-opening. In addition, his book exposes the history behind and the role US foreign policy played in the 1960s and 70s in supporting the development of Thailand's sex tourism industry, which has led to rising HIV and AIDS rates throughout the region as well as the rising number of orphaned children born with HIV. You can feel Domenico's anger and rage toward the disgusting exploitation of women and children via the sex trafficking and sex tourism industry that is fed by demand stemming from not only Western men, but men native to the region. It is apparent that the West has not only exploited the resources of Asia, but continues to exploit its women and children, absolutely heartbreaking. Overall, I was able to imagine the writer's surroundings as he traveled. Only once was I not able to figure out what he meant by "Golden Rock" while he was traveling in Myanmar. I googled it and realized that it was the Buddhist pilgrimage site in Burma. Overall, I am grateful to all his knowledge shared in the book. Great adventure that I personally was thrilled to be part of as a reader. 5 stars plus.

The Dragon Bone ,

A fascinating, well researched travel memoir

A fascinating, well researched, and at times shocking travel memoir detailing the economic, social, and historical workings behind observations made while traveling through Southeast Asia and East Asia. A recommended read for any traveler or backpacker who has been or plans on going to that region of the world.

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