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The mysterious town doesn't seem to have a name. That's part of what makes it mysterious, maybe. I mean I don't know. I'm just guessing. None of the Treasure Guardians have thought to name it, although Candy Stocking has whole notebooks full of observations about the town, and Liquorice Cupcake has drawn hundreds of pictures of the streets and views and monsters and everything, and Trouble Fox has explored pretty much everywhere even if getting her to talk about anything is a chore and a half, and Clover Pirate has battled monsters all over the place, and Obviously Lemonade and Peppermint Star have been around for longer than anyone else, apart from Mrs Hoot and Mistress Tabitha Maybenot of course, so I guess they know a lot about the place, the town I mean, and if there's a secret candy gathering point in the town that Choral Singalong doesn't know about then, well, I don't know, she's just really good at finding secret candy gathering points, is what I'm saying, and then Flower Turnip, well she mostly just sleeps a lot but she's a nice girl. You'd like her.

This new girl, though. What's her story? She doesn't have a special Treasure Guardian weapon and she doesn't have a special Treasure Guardian treasure pouch, she doesn't even have a name. I don't even think she can do any special attacks, although maybe she could use her little teddy bear for something, I don't know, or her red and white striped skin, I've never seen anything like that before, could it be some kind of power?  Or is it just a skin condition?  I guess we'll find out. Sometime. Maybe. Or maybe not. The thing about this mysterious town is that, yes, it certainly is full of mysteries. But the thing about mysteries is that sometimes they're better left unsolved...

Young Adult
February 23
Clover Island Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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