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I wrote this book to inspire others like myself. I have been appointed to deliver such a book by doing the works of the master, telling everything of himself, I haven't written a book or novel nor children books. From the Psalm (poems) I wrote novel of poetry of everyday life. The poems are telling a story within itself. Some people don't recognize a God given talent until a wakeup call comes.
I was one of those people, I wrote many poems as a youngster and in my teens. I cast them away in my closet shelf or trash them. My baby sister Alisa always told me I had a God given gift, my baby sister Alisa reminded me of a little bitty person with a old soul young but had insight like she been here before. She had been getting my poems off the shelves and making her boyfriend cards with them. He was thinking she was writing them, she told me again, you got to keep writing them because he liked them. I was shocked, but nevertheless I said ok to my baby sister, calling herself in love. And my milestone started that day.
Who would want to listen to what I had to say. The answer came later on, who would listen other than my baby sister. The same people that went down the same path and has experienced spiritual struggles, racism and was a victim of rape, gang bangers, prisoners, addicts, childhood dreama of becoming or a sense of want to belong.
This book is inspired for all generations as well as the young, past, present and future. A reflection of fathers leaving homes leaving mothers taking care of homes as single parents, not to mention separated, that lead to divorce.
In each of our lives we all are searching for our own path. Through our experience we live and learn, either we make mistakes ourselves or wise up or simply learn from the mistakes and trials of others as well as self.
I’ve always felt that in the company of others, I find my heart to be captivated through another’s experience. Be it joy, pain, Hope or hardship. In my travels near or far in my hope of Mississippi or eve strange lands this defined me through and through. This when the journey began.
We are one people, one love, one people with rainbow color of God. The color purple couldn’t have said it any better coming from Whoppi Goldberg. She said I might be ugly, I might even be black, I might even been misunderstood, but thank God am STILL HERE…
We’re just ordinary people, why one kill because of the color of our skin. I never understand that. There is a time and purpose of our being. Know that there is a GOD… who hears and sees all
GOD bless hope you enjoy….

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August 23

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