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If anyone can take sexual submission and erotic torment in wonderful, stimulating directions that leave you reaching for something—or someone—to slake an erotic itch, Cherry Lee can. "Treat Me Rough" includes seven of her best short stories, with enough hard sex, bondage, BDSM, sexual dominance and submission, erotic breast punishment and other kinky entertainment to keep you hot for hours. Inside you'll find:

“Torture Me” - For years she'd kept her desires in check, hidden from her husband the 'Boy Scout.' She kept her stash of toys out of sight, her directory of erotic bondage and BDSM images and videos hidden. But one day she decided it was time to open up. She told him everything, showed him everything. His response was more than she could have hoped for, but would reality be as good as her dreams?

“Nature Hike” - It hadn't been long since Chris caught his girlfriend having fiery sex with another man. Though he'd assured her it was behind him, he decided a lesson was due. So, after taking her to a secluded forest picnic spot, he sprung a trap that insured some kinky sex of his own, with her gorgeous breasts his main target. But he'd soon learn she knew more than he thought she knew, and she’d love every bit of it.

“Living Doll” - As a reward from his rich employer, Mr. Halloran received an unusual gift—a beautiful blond in a cage. His for one evening of wild sex and domination, he’d get to keep her if he could make her cry out just once. Moans and groans of desire came easily. But getting a scream out of his submissive gift—even when he turned to her luscious breasts—became a challenge that may have been beyond him.

“Experimentation” - Since she was old enough to enjoy pleasure by her own hand, Lydia found that some kinds of pain made it even better. It was a secret she'd kept to herself until the day she moaned a little too loudly while tormenting her nipples with tools in the garage. Caught by her handsome next door neighbor, Lydia joined him down a road of pleasure, pain and submission that would change her life forever.

“Double Play” - "Consider the breast," the Showman begins as he toys with two naked and beautiful women. One dark and Amazonian; the other petite, blonde and delicate; both bound and displayed for the audience. Over the course of the show, they will experience, and will treat each other to, erotic torment, discipline and pleasure that will have everyone, including the two submissive toys, clamoring for more.

“Carnival Girl” and “Private Party” - "Selena is a beauty who defies description. Her desires are unlike any other woman’s—perverted, strange and unnatural. She has a dark secret you must witness to believe..." For five dollars, a week's wages, one man gets to see those dark secrets for himself-secrets that involve sexual bondage and pain unheard of-and pleasure, too. Little does he know, they're secrets that change his life forever.

Are these blurbs just the tip of the iceberg? Of course. Just read on to enjoy the rest. You’ll be happy you did.

(Editor's Note: This work contains graphic language and sometimes extreme sexual depictions of consensual female bondage and sadomasochism. It is intended for mature audiences only and is not suitable for persons under eighteen years of age.)

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May 31
Darker Pleasures
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