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The Ho-chunk tribe, the “People of the Sacred Language” have passed down the stories of the “Devils Quadrangle” for centuries. They tell of an evil that dwells there and have refused to farm its rich soil or hunt its abundant forest. The warriors frightened children away with stories of a beast that would steal their souls and carry it to the underworld.
In the lore of Madison Wisconsin, the area is known as The Point. Some say that in the fifties drunken college students tempted the evil and it cost a young girl and her brother their lives. Others tell of the religious zealot landowner tying his children in an old shed and setting it ablaze to save them from the devil that escaped his capture. Today the area is known as Oakwood Estates; a subdivision.
He’s a small boy, Frank. He looks no older than nine or ten. His face is perpetually dirty, his hair mussed and his shorts and striped t-shirt are soiled. His shoes are worn and his socks no longer stay up. He has a brand new best friend.
Timothy Stone is six years old, his sister; Kathi is eight. She is independent and strong willed, like her mother. Timmy is unsure and a follower. But Frank will help Timmy be strong and stand up to his sister and the rest of his family. He will show Timmy things that he has never even imagined. He is a clever little boy named Frank. Quick witted and manipulative, he manages to alienate Timmy from his family in only a few short weeks and soon holds the youngest Stone in his grips. This incarnate of evil has been using Frank since it killed him nearly five decades earlier. It wants a new vessel; it wants Timmy Stone. But, it also wants to destroy Timmy’s father, James Stone. It was after all James Stone’s presence that first night in their new home that woke the demon. It needs to destroy James Stone because he is a good man and soon James Stone will learn his part in the events that took place half a century ago.

Fiction & Literature
September 21
Ron Bolger
Draft2Digital, LLC

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