TREOIR DRAGON CHRONICLES of the Belador World: Book 6

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"... can't get enough of these books! The world-building is just so creative. " BookBub review

Book 6 in New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love’s explosive new series barrels toward the end as the dragon clans face off and Imortiks gain strength through help of an immortal.

Trapped waist-deep in a flooded tunnel, Casidhe faces a new threat when Cathbad finds her, forcing her to gamble with her unpredictable sword. After Skarde attacked the gryphon village, a furious Daegan is no longer willing to show mercy to ice dragon shifters. Quinn, Reese, and the Beladors go after the demon-maker flooding Atlanta with predators, which backfires when Reese is faced with an unimaginable choice. Adrianna tries to work with Sen to escape their imprisonment, but he snubs her offer a moment before he shouldn’t have. Herrick’s seer discovers the secret he hides in his lair and that a major problem he doesn’t realize. Daegan’s hunt for the other half of his sister’s ring takes an encouraging turn until he discovers where Casidhe is located, and his world turns upside down.

"Wow, better than the last one. Be warned, once you start you won't be able to put it down." In My Humble Opinion

"This book continues Daegan's story, and the tension is definitely starting to ramp up. I can't wait to see where this amazing story takes us!" BookBub

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 23
Silver Hawk Press LLC
Silver Hawk Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

Fidel1219 ,

Great Read

Another great read in the series.Each book has evolved the charters and the plot. So much is going on at once! The characters are heroic and original. Casishe and Deagan are amazing, I am vested in the relationship. Where will it go? Just as I think things are winding down another twist is added. Love these books.

Cheryl SDS ,

Jaw dropping scenes!

This is book 6 in the Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World. Our story returns with Daegan as he continues his quest and getting closer  to finding out if Jennyver, his sister, is still alive. Also, he’s still searching for the Grimoires.  On Earth, in Atlanta, the fighting continues and is getting worse. The lies, betrayals, half truths and full on deceit continue to plague everyone who is searching for something or someone. The plot twists are jaw dropping!

This is by far the most exciting, action packed book in this series!  I was constantly on the edge of my seat while reading.  I was so caught up in the story that I didn’t realize I was reading the last page.  The disappointment was overwhelming because I didn’t want to leave the story.  I am, not so patiently, awaiting the next book.

Crissreads ,

Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World book 6

Dianna does it again. Every time I think one of my favorite characters can breath easy again, another twist leaves them in a different type of danger. More heart pounding, can’t put it down, reading excitement in this book, and I can’t help but wonder how our heros will get out of the messes they find themselves in!

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