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Treyton Collins is Savage Beasts' drummer. He's the rock band's resident bad boy with the troubled past, tattoos, and tongue ring to prove it. No woman has yet to be immune to Treyton's charm. That's why he's fascinated by the one who is...She couldn't be any more different than him. She's business suits and he's torn jeans. She's bossy and he's fun-loving. She's got an attitude and he can't stand it.

Brielle Patrick is Savage Beasts' publicist. Her latest publicity stunt left her on the outs with the band. But, if nothing else, Brielle is persistent. And she'll prove it by spending the summer on tour with the band. She's convinced herself she's there to keep Treyton out of trouble. But that isn't the only reason she's overseas for two months. She's searching for something her life is missing. Imagine her surprise when she finds it when she least expects it. With the guy she least expects to find it with.

February 3
J. Nathan
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

KindleKat64 ,

5 Rock Stars

J Nathan has done it again! 5 ROCK STARS!!! I thought I loved Kozart, but Treyton just totally stole my heart. This series is rockin’ so far and I am loving it!! So much good stuff in this book!!!! It is such an amazing story about two people, Treyton the rockstar drummer and Brielle his band’s publicist, who appear to be complete opposites and love to hate on each other. Little do they know that deep down they have some very fundamental things in common; things that will ultimately bring them together. I honestly love Brie and Treyton together so much! I was drawn into their story from beginning to end. They have this undeniable chemistry that had them on a collision course with each other for a long time. And let me tell you when they finally do collide, it’s so incredibly sweet, steamy and sexy but most of all satisfying! If he hadn’t already won my heart he would have done it when he meets Claire, then again in Chap 34 and still more in the epilogue. I just loved this book so much! Getting more of Z and Aubrey was great too. I can’t wait for more of the Savage Beasts!!

Jillianlovesbooks ,

I adore this story!!

This story is so much more than a rockstar romance! It is a beautiful journey of love, respect, and courage.

Treyton is the sexy, pierced, drummer for the Savage Beasts.

Brielle is the no nonsense, take charge, Publicist, for her fathers company Artists Limited.

Together they are like oil and water. Brielle is constantly cleaning up when Treyton screws up. Treyton is always quick to remind her how much she needs to loosen up her tough, cold, exterior.

As time passes these two spend more time with one another, and after 5 years it’s becoming more than a hate-hate relationship.

When they spend their quiet moments together, they realize they have more in common than they ever thought. As they grow and develop a mutual trust in one another, they open up to the possibility of a relationship. And when that takes off, it’s a huge spark that ignites immediately!

Although when the past is made present, who will stand up for the ones they love? Or will they be left felling alone, like they have all along.

Romance213 ,

“Be my family and I’ll be yours.”

Brie is tired of rescuing Trey from the situations he gets himself in after each concert when the groupies flock to the side door, hoping for a glimpse of the sexy drummer. She understands this was part of her job, but his arrogant attitude and destructive behavior were wreaking havoc with her life. They are like night and day, oil and water and will never be on the same page. Trey is tired of Brie judging him for his behavior, because she doesn’t know him at all. She just assumed he was a big partier who spent all his time with his eager and willing fans. The band and the music are his family and the most important part of his life. Trey loses himself in the music each night and the songs tell a story with each note that is sung, and with every beat of his drumsticks. Brie can think what she wants, but he didn’t need a babysitter and he certainly didn’t need her. But what if they did need each other, but couldn’t admit their feelings?

“If we could take the time
To lay it on the line
I could rest my head
Just knowing you were mine”
(November Rain, by Guns and Roses)

Once again, Ms. Nathan has given us another romantic and emotional tale in her Rockstar Romance series, Savage Beasts, which I absolutely love. Her series is special and unique because the band members are not only friends, but they are a family, who are always there for one another. They aren’t afraid to show their emotions and they treat women with respect and gentleness. I was moved by the romance that slowly grew between Trey and Brie, and I laughed and cried along with them on their journey.

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