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At an Archaeological dig on the planet Helionia, Trajo Fortuna, an archaeologist reveals to the population that she has found proof that there had been a civilization similar to the current one but 50,000 years in its past; it was called the Heliot nation. This civilisation was destroyed while attempting to invade a peaceful alien race after the Heliot space fleet mysteriously disappeared within a space storm.
A ship sent by Ares Fortuna through a recently discovered wormhole in space in search of a new source for the minerals needed by Helionia to supply their ever growing requirements learns that survivors of this ancient fleet of pirates lost their final battle on Orion against its leading citizen, Tyler Burrows, just eleven years previously!
A plot is hatched to lure him to Helionia by kidnapping his family so that Ares Fortuna can put him on trial for mass murder and then execute him.
Tyler Burrows has to battle for his family’s life by travelling through a recently discovered portal, that was discovered by Trajo Fortuna, to search for his family. The portal transports Tyler Burrows to a distant moon, and so far no one who has ever travelled through the portal has ever returned. He must also rescue Marot Pallas; who was kidnapped and taken through the portal to prevent him from winning the upcoming election and becoming president of Helionia. Tyler Burrows must help him to win the election for the presidency or intergalactic war just might break out.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 2
Philip R Benge
Smashwords, Inc.

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