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On the run after America’s sudden and utter collapse, a family finds sanctuary in the heart of a community thriving “off the grid.” But when the lure of a virtual new world order divides the family, the elders of the community recognize that humanity's fate rests with a chosen girl and a surprising alliance between the least powerful – the young and old. 

Young Adult
December 17
Sana Publications
The Eden Alternative

Customer Reviews

Michael M. Pliss ,

Choosing Kalimos

Every life is full of choices and every life struggles with birth, hunger, disease, old age and death. We all face these choices like forks in the road and we must make the difficult choices to yield to fear or to embrace love. One choice leads us further into isolation and the other deeper into kinship. One choice makes us more human and the other makes us less human.

Imagine then a family, a village, a shire, even an entire nation that choses love over fear, patience over anger, understanding over condemnation, compassion over cruelty and you will be closer to Kalimos. This is the promise of Kalimos, that in each of our hearts we have a compass that points the way through every storm, through every fork in the road; that guides us if we choose, homeward to our fullest humanity, our greatest potential. The promise does not waiver. The promise does not fade even when the shock and awe of life devastates us. It promises us each a personal map to fulfillment, to a return to Eden.

Reading "The Tribes of Eden" will awaken your inner remembrance that we each entered life with this promise written in our hearts, and like a fortune cookie, it only waits for you to open it and read the message to regain the wisdom you require to complete your journey with your deepest hopes fulfilled.

virgil160 ,

A must read novel

This book does not preach nor is it meaningless. Not long after I read TOE I was reading the news and found myself relating it back to the book. That is the genius of this author. At first I simply enjoyed the story, which is phenomenal. But it did not take long for me to realize that there is real meaning behind the story that is pertinent to every person's life. Everyone should take the time to read Tribes of Eden because it has something in it everyone would benefit from hearing.

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