TRICARE Around the World

Getting the Most From Your Military Medical Benefits

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The definitive guide to TRICARE is here and better than ever! For active duty, military retirees, National Guard/Reservists, family & surviving family members, TRICARE Around the World is the resource you need to get the most from your military health benefits. This all-new Second Edition is fully updated, with more money-saving tips than ever:

Who is Covered? All beneficiaries, including Active Duty, reservists, retirees, surviving spouses, stepchildren, dependent parents, ex-spouses, adult children, and more.

Choosing a Plan. How to use the online Plan Finder Tool; when and how to sign up. More than 12 TRICARE plans, plus little-known programs to meet your family's needs. The one TRICARE status you do NOT want to be in, and how to avoid it.

Coverage and Benefits. Special needs programs, preventive care, air ambulance/medical evacuation, dental and vision programs, emergency/urgent care, and much more.

Medicare, Advantage, Medicare Supplements and how they work with TRICARE for Life. Complete financial breakdown so you can make informed decisions on what works best for YOU.

Find a doctor in any country of the world. Network vs non-network providers. How to reduce your expenses by choosing the right provider. Around-the-clock help to get you started, from anywhere in the world!

Cost Details. What you can expect to pay for you and your family. Money-saving tips, international transactions, and the one mistake that can wipe out your savings if you are not careful. A must-read!

Prescription refills. Seven strategies to manage your prescriptions worldwide.

Special rules for the Philippines. Find doctors in every Philippine province. Certified & Preferred Providers. Get reimbursed for those troublesome "doctor fees". Proven tips for getting the most from your health benefits in the Philippines.

How to submit your claim. Our exclusive One-Stop Checklist to virtually guarantee your claim will be approved the first time, every time. Get your money back in weeks, not months.

Where to Find Help. Global resources, from the FREE MHS Nurse Advice Line, to Retired Affairs Offices and Veteran Service Organizations near you. Phone numbers, websites, and more.

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April 12
John D. Letaw

Customer Reviews

Luceroja ,

Best Tricare Guide Out There!

This is by far the best Tricare guide out there. Easy to understand. It also covers the use of tricare overseas and touches on VA Medical and Medicare. The best book buy I’ve ever done.

spacetanker ,

Travel much in military retirement? You need this!

Super clear and detailed down to the scanning instructions of claims forms. Buy this one electronically and keep it close…especially for those unexpected medical experiences that will for sure happen when traveling. Just a GREAT resource!