Publisher Description

In this e-book, you may find a set of three fantasy flash fiction pieces: Closer to The Viking, Dusty Mansion, and The Twisted Words.

Jeremy is a child whose imagination run wild. He has been observing his neighbor, Richard, for a few years. Jeremy is convinced that Richard, resembles a Viking. He writes down annotations about him in his diary. Is he correct? Which mystery is behind the identity of the red-bearded man? "Closer To The Viking," is a story that plays around the concept of how far an imagination might go.

Polly and Ranger have been observing a mansion, dreaming of a future that encompasses the riches it holds. Their modest life does not seem like something to look forward. Everything changes when one day, the pre-teen couple gets sucked by a force into the mansion. It looks far more unusual than anyone could expect. The owners of the household are nowhere near sight. A miracle blossoms after the expectations of the couple are bent. The "Dusty Mansion," reveals it's secrets.

Powell is a man whose spirit is led by the wind. He has been long gone from living in the town of Pleadville, where he was born. Mr. Xinsheng, a reputable Chinese elder, preaches amongst the towners. Everyone longs for the knowledge he shares, even Powell, who often attends these gatherings. One night, Powell stumbles upon a mask and a surprising revelation changes the fate of everyone in town, including his own. "The Twisted Words," is a fable that encourages wisdom upon judging the value of an individual in society.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 10
Deborah Didini
Smashwords, Inc.