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A killer . . . that’s what I am.
It’s what I do.
It’s what I live for.
I’m no longer the Preston Hale everyone knew. I left that life and the people in it a long time ago the second I made my first kill. I wasn’t going to give in, but when I heard the screams there was no going back.
It triggered the pain, the need.
I knew what I had to do, and I did it well. But I never expected for Emma Turner – the only link to my past – to come back into my life.
She triggers a different emotion inside me, something I hadn’t ever felt.
It’s not a want to kill . . . but a need to CLAIM.

February 6
L.P. Dover
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

southernblues1971 ,


This was a great book. The reviews are pretty spot on. Glad I read it. Will read more!!

A Armonici ,

Being an FBI Killer was never this hot...

It's been a long time since Emma Turner set her sights on one Preston Hale, but she would never forget the man she loved in college. The man she sang with. The man who up and vanished one night and never came back. For years, she searched for him, wondering if he was dead or alive. Only to have him walk in to her boss' dinning room, join them for dinner and pretend he didn’t know who she was. Preston was a killer. Ridding the world of pedophiles and rapists was his mission. One he took pleasure in. He was not the kind of man Emma needed in her life. Although he didn’t expect to see her again, the meeting left him unsettled and shaken. She had been the one woman he desired like no other. The one woman he never had. And with her around, for the first time the need to claim was stronger than his need to kill. Trigger is an intense suspense romance with a killer as the good guy, a strong woman as his match, a family who needs to make up and find closure and a murderer and rapist who is about to meet his maker. A thrilling, sexy and intense read for sure.

Laura__F ,

Awesome New Series!!

I don't typically read romantic suspense but the author and blurb had me wanting to step outside my contemporary box and I am so very glad I did.

I loved Preston so much. He's tough but at his core, he's a protector. When it seems like Emma might be in danger, Preston is committed to ensuring her safety. Except, until Preston faces his demons and solves his unfinished business, he can't truly commit to a relationship with her.

Emma is so feisty and strong. Even though there were a lot of events in this book that would send a person screaming for the hills, she stood tall and didn't take any crap from anyone. When Emma sees Preston again, all of her old feelings for him are reignited but, when Preston pretends to not remember her, she's happy to give him the cold shoulder.

If it wasn't for sleep, I would have read this entire book in one sitting. I was captivated by the prologue and didn't want to stop reading until I reached the end. This is an awesome start to this new series and I'll be counting the days until I can read Wade's story!

*This is my voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy*

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