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Imagine the worst thing in the world. Picture it. Construct it, carefully and deliberately in your mind. Be careful not to omit anything. Imagine it happening to you, to the people you love. Imagine the worst thing in the world.

Now try not to think about it.

This is what it is like for Fletcher Wortmann. In his brilliant memoir, the author takes us on an intimate journey across the psychological landscape of OCD, known as the "doubting disorder," as populated by God, girls, and apocalyptic nightmares. Wortmann unflinchingly reveals the elaborate series of psychological rituals he constructs as "preventative measures" to ward off the end times, as well as his learning to cope with intrusive thoughts through Clockwork Orange-like "trigger" therapy.

But even more than this, the author emerges as a preternatural talent as he unfolds a kaleidoscope of culture high and low ranging from his obsessions with David Bowie, X-Men, and Pokemon, to an eclectic education shaped by Shakespeare, Kierkegaard, Catholic mysticism, Christian comic books, and the collegiate dating scene at the "People's Republic of Swarthmore."

Triggered is a pitch-perfect memoir; a touching, triumphantly funny, compulsively readable, and ultimately uplifting coming-of-age tale for Generation Anxiety.

Fletcher Wortmann on OCD and sex:

"If a girl accepts an invitation to help count the tiles on your bedroom ceiling, then she will probably be disappointed when she realizes you were speaking literally."

…on OCD and religion:

"I have found Catholicism and obsessive compulsive disorder to be deeply sympathetic to one another. One is a repressive construct founded in existential terror, barely restrained by complex, arbitrary ritual behaviors; the other is an anxiety disorder."

…on OCD humor:

"By the sink, I noticed a perfunctory sign warning readers to wash their hands. It was scrawled with graffiti: NO YOU CAN'T GERMS ARE UNPREVENTABLE AND INESCAPABLE."

…on the seductiveness of OCD:

"Every so often, everything will work, and you will somehow convince yourself that you are safe, and the disorder will claim credit. I had struck a bargain with the OCD. The transaction was complete. In that moment I became subservient to it."

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March 27
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Customer Reviews

TraceTres ,

Courageously funny. Insightful and painfully honest

This book can change lives and has, mine. Thanks Fletcher for a well written and very funny memoir about the pain caused by OCD and more specifically Pure O. I have lived with this condition as long as I can remember and after hearing Fletcher speak on NPR I purchased this book. The best $12.00 I've ever spent. OCD can do very strange things to a person and at times, for me, can be completely debilitating. This book nailed it! I now have two very important people in my life reading this book so they can now understand what I have lived with and am presently living with. For a sufferer of OCD and particularly obsessive thoughts it is very difficult to explain to the "non-ocd" person what one is going through. Often it is just too embarrassing or shameful to talk about. Fletcher's book brings OCD into the light and it is done with such humor that just by reading this book I am so much better off. I am grateful to be able to now hand someone this book and say to them, "this is what I mean, please read it if you want to understand." This book is a life changer for me and I'm certain if you or a loved one suffers from OCD it will be the best $12.00 you've ever spent.