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From the author of the bestselling Beneath a Scarlet Sky comes "A smart, prescient thriller...The story snaps and twists like a cracking whip, you can't help but root for Mickey Hennessey and his kids, and I defy you to guess the ending." --Robert Crais

The Jefferson Club is a remote, private resort for the super-rich – the buildings, the amenities, and the security are state of the art and beyond compare. Many of the world's wealthiest people – business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities – gather for the most exclusive New Year's Eve party in the world. As expensive champagne flows and multibillion dollar deals are arranged, the unimaginable happens – a highly trained, heavily armed paramilitary force calling itself the Third Position Army breaches the world's best security system and takes everybody hostage.
"Mickey" Hennessey, former U.S. Special Agent, is the head of security for the Jefferson Club. A divorced father of three teenagers, he's spending the holiday with his kids. When the club is attacked, his entire team is wiped out and only he makes it out of the club alive. Now he's outside while his kids are trapped inside, hostages of the Third Position Army who are putting seven of the ten richest men on "trial" for their crimes against humanity, live on the internet for the world to see. While a top FBI rescue team works feverishly to rescue all the hostages, Hennessey is determined to do all he can, to overcome every obstacle, to ensure his children's safety – or die trying.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 14
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews


Triple Cross

Awesome story! I very much enjoyed the characters and scenarios. I look forward to your other stories.

Celtpop ,

Triple Cross

This book had it all, action, suspense and a thriller unforeseen ending. The characters were pretty well developed and the dice here's of the story were easy to identify with. Being a security consultant and former agent it was fun to put myself into Hennesseys role and how his former life was a big benefit to his ability to save the day. The female FBI agent was good second hero character and played an important part in the plot development.
The three children and their survival skills was a tad hard to believe, but, did present an interesting twist to the story.
All in all the book was a super read and one that I could not,put down

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