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Allie Saunders has a dirty secret. Make that two fantastically filthy secrets. Beau Colton and Van Mitchell. The leading stars of her X-rated fantasies also happen to be her brother's best friends. Hello, big fat hairy complication. It's no mystery why her unrequited crushes insist on keeping her at arm's length, but it doesn't stop her from wishing for the impossible.

When she discovers their dirty secret, the once forbidden is suddenly a tantalizing temptation and the key that could turn her dreams into a reality.

In addition to being co-owners of a boxing gym, Van and Beau share mutual tastes outside of the ring—they're both Doms. That's partly the reason for their unbreakable Bro Code where Allie is concerned. She's far too sweet and innocent for the edgy games they enjoy.

Or so they thought.

Their assumption—and willpower—is about to be tested. Big time. All because of an annual Sub-For-A-Night charity event, and the irresistible, thoroughly off-limits woman who just stepped onto the auction block...  

Warning: This wickedly hot MMF ménage contains two deliciously dirty boxers, a not-so-innocent dirty-talking heroine, dirty rope tricks, and dirty ways to break a sweat. Who says exercise can't be fun?

January 4
Jodi Redford
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Cali2001 ,

What is the hold up?

Preordered and paid for this book in MAY. It is now Christmas and it has been pushed back at least 6 times since I paid for it(I’ve lost count of the actual number). I understand missed deadlines here and there, and I love her books. But now I see a second book set for release that has an alleged delivery date of February when this one has now been pushed back AGAIN to January. No way am I pre ordering that one when I have been waiting 8 months for this one.

Vla2015 ,

Expected better. Didnt feel very emotional

I have to say that I was very excited to read this book but was expecting better. I felt like the emotional connection between the characters was just glazed over in favor of joking around. The female main character was a newbie to bdsm, yet they didnt really talk about hiw she felt to all the new things she did. And beau has such a hard time switchung from dom to sub, yet ut seemed like van disnt really appreciate how hard it was for him. Van wasnt tender with him or gentle to show how much he understood that it was hard for beau. I expected better.

😁😁😁😁😁😁😁💯 ,

Canceled My Order 😡

Okay I pre-order this book MONTHS ago I seen the date change more than 3 times since the book was supposed to originally be released i haven’t seen a reason why the release date keeps being pushed back and I’m starting to not want the book anymore which is sad because I really love the series and I’m trying to be patient can someone at least release a statement as to why the date keeps being pushed back

Edit: The stars keeps going down if I could give zero stars I would I’m starting to feel like I was tricked into buying something that’s never going to come and I want my money

Update: Canceled my order the dates has been changed so many time and no one offered and explanation or anything I don’t even want the book if it do actually come out this time

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