Triple Threat Mysteries Collection

The Complete Series

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All five books in 'Triple Threat Mysteries', a series of cozy mystery novels by Tyler Colins, now in one volume!

The Connecticut Corpse Caper: A week-long stay in a creepy oversize Connecticut mansion is replete with hidden passageways, disappearing and reappearing corpses, and seven quirky inheritance recipients. Soon, people start dropping like flies. Donning amateur sleuth caps, Jill and her associates, Rey and Linda, attempt to solve the mystifying murders. Soon, others jump in, and the bumbling, stumbling and mayhem begin.

Can You Hula Like Hilo Hattie?: The novice sleuths accept their first official detecting assignment: uncovering the “secret" of an elderly millionaire’s pretty young wife. If they succeed, their newly founded business, The Triple Threat Investigation Agency, will prove a viable venture. But after the wife is found murdered along the sapphire shores of Oahu, the sleuths discover that the deceased woman was not the only one keeping secrets. But who is the murderer?

Coco's Nuts: The Triple Threat Investigation Agency private eyes undertake their second major assignment: proving their client, once-socialite-Vassar-grad-turned-trucker Buddy Feuer, isn’t responsible for two murders.  She had no motive to kill her boss, infamous entrepreneur Jimmy Picolo, nor did she murder her best friend, Eb Stretta. As the rookie P.I.s strive to uncover a killer amid yet another cast of curious and unconventional characters, they meet up with old acquaintances who may or may not have their best interests at heart.

Forever Poi: The ever-proud owners of the Triple Threat Investigation Agency—JJ, Rey, and Linda—have a new case.  Who set ablaze two happening Chinatown art galleries, leaving a couple of charcoal-broiled corpses in the rubble? Any number of curious characters in the local art world could be responsible, including a haughty gallery owner with a questionable past and an art consultant living on the edge. If only the gals can figure out the "why", they'll have their "who".

Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha: The pretty P.I.s from the Triple Threat Investigation Agency have a new case, thanks to a serial killer who has taken a serious interest in them. The GrimReaperPeeper has challenged them to “play the game”, by his rules. Rules are made to be broken, however... or, at the very least, changed. As the trio attempts to determine who he killer might be, they also need to tackle a couple of other cases, including verifying whether a hubby has a roving eye and ascertaining who is stalking a young, beautiful woman. But can the cases be somehow intertwined?

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June 30
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