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Kylah West has faith in her horses and her skill to ride them in a reenactment of the Civil War battle of Albrecht Creek. Still suffering from her husband's suicide, Kylah's only focus is work. But her concentration is broken when she meets U.S. Marshal Wolf Stockton and the body of a young reenactor is found, shot through the heart with a vintage rifle.

Is it revenge, an accidental shooting, or a hint that opposing forces in the community are boiling over? Those questions turn personal for Wolf and Kylah when her life is endangered. Into the exciting world of stunt riders, tension between the university sponsoring the reenactment and a Cherokee nation tired of being wrongly blamed for everything, strolls Trouble, black cat detective.

Trouble attaches to Kylah when he realizes her vulnerability. He works with Wolf to determine who is behind the murders—and who is attempting to ambush Kylah and her horses as she gives the key performance of the reenactment. As the feline races the clock to keep Kylah safe, he also realizes the two bipeds have another deep need—for each other. He must help solve the mystery while showing his humans the path to true love.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 8
KaliOka Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

SataiStyx ,

Trouble is In Action again!

I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book for the purpose of finding typos and posting this review.

First off, I am a fan of the Familiar Legacy series, featuring Trouble the black cat detective. I came upon this series after finding the Sarah Booth mystery series by Carolyn Haines. Carolyn has penned the original series featuring Trouble's father, Familiar. She was the one to convince some of her peers to help out with the Familiar Legacy series, and so far they've all been great reads.

In Trouble In Action, we find ourselves following Kylah West as she bar-hops and is totally blitzed (drunk). Kylah catches the eye of Wolf Stockton, a Cherokee of the local tribe who is also a deputy of the Marshall Service and Trouble, who is in town with his human Tammy Lynn at a book conference. Both Wolf and Trouble realize that Kylah, in her current intoxicated state, could be the flashpoint of some trouble. Wolf manages to get her back to her hotel room without incident - however the incident happens elsewhere.

In the morning we follow Wolf as he is called to the fairgrounds where the College of the Carolinas Albrecht Campus is holding their First Annual Reenactment of the Battle of Albrecht Creek. A woman in full period costume has been shot through the heart at her campsite. Wolf is called as a courtesy by the sheriff to the scene, as the fairgrounds abut the Qualla Boundary, property of the Cherokee Nation.

What follows is a very well though out and intricate tale of following the clues (and lack thereof) of the mystery of the murder of the woman. Kylah herself is targeted, and Wolf does his best to keep Kylah safe... as they both feel the attraction to each other start to develop into something more.

I mention a lack thereof of clues, as this tale will keep you guessing until the end as to whodunit. It is carefully crafted yet keeps you reading to find out more. Trouble has his paws full in helping to solve the mystery and keeping Kylah safe.

This is the third tale penned by Susan Y. Tanner for the Familiar Legacy series. She has done a great job penning these stories for Trouble, and is a delight to read. Look no further if you're in the mood for a light romance to go with your murder mystery.

Of another note, please read to the end - this series features "Trouble's Double". We the fans of the Familiar Legacy series all love black cats, and Carolyn, Susan et al let us show off our sable furred friends. This book happens to feature one of my fosters, Wanda Bellatrix Feline. If at the end of reading any of the Familiar Legacy stories you find yourself wishing for a feline companion of the sable hue, please check out your local animal rescue. There are a lot of cats, black or otherwise, looking for a great home and a wonderful human to boss around. You won't be sorry.

Firstbjh ,

Trouble visits a Civil War Re-enactment

Kylah is a professional stunt rider in town for a Civil War reenactment. Wolf is a law officer. Trouble the black cat is in town with his owner Tammy Lynn. As usual Trouble sniffs out trouble before it happens. He adopts Kylah and Wolf as they meet in a bar. When murder occurs at the reenactment site, Trouble is soon on the scene.

This is a great story. One of my favorite Trouble books. If you haven’t read a Trouble book yet, now is the time to start!