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If you love New Orleans, you’ll love where this book takes you. The exciting French Quarter, Garden District, and even the Audubon Zoo. Some famous and not so famous restaurants but all well describing the fine dining, pleasing ambience, and wonderful food that you can practically taste.

Set in the city of New Orleans. Zack Nelson thought retirement from the New Orleans Police Department was going to be a fun-filled experience with travel and doing just about whatever he wanted, every day. That lasted for a year until his wife came face to face with a robber in a shopping center parking lot, that sent her to the hospital. Recovery was cut short at Evergreen Rehab Center when his wife died under doctor’s care of a heart attack.

A few years later Zack moved to Evergreen Assisted Living and uncovered healthy people are suddenly dying all of the same cause. The detective in him will not leave it alone, and he digs into each case until he uncovers disturbing facts that expose the killer and opens new leads to his wife unexplained death.

Dr. Walter Ross, the owner of Evergreen Assisted Living, is a well-respected organ transplant doctor, of two generations. Even doctors have a hidden agenda, and Dr. Ross’s was gambling. His compulsive gambling and inability to pay off money borrowed from a Mob Boss gets him pressured. Practicing medicine for the well-being of human life has long been surpassed by the good doctor’s love for gambling. Life takes a bad turn for Dr. Ross when he sells human body parts to the highest bidder for cash to pay down his debt.

Zack makes many friends at Evergreen Assisted Living and even finds love with Emma Lou, a resident of Evergreen. Finding love the second time around at Zack’s age was something he thought would never be possible. His love affair with Emma Lou takes him, and his new found friends on a fun night on the town in New Orleans that puts them all at risk of being Dr. Ross’s next victim.

Armando, a detective with the New Orleans police department butts, heads with Zack but in the end their professionalism and love for police work come together to solve the mysterious deaths at Evergreen Assisted Living.

True Blue Detective is an exciting fast moving murder mystery that intertwines with an elderly couple's love affair that keeps you turning the pages.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 13
Vito Zuppardo, Sr
Smashwords, Inc.

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