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Do giant primates larger than gorillas, taller than Sasquatch and Yetis, still exist in the remotest corners of the globe? Famed cryptozoologists Mark A. Hall and Loren Coleman join forces to share their knowledge of this unexplored and neglected topic in cryptozoology.

Bigfoot researchers have long been mystified, even embarrassed, by reports of giant hairy apes larger than Bigfoot, and as a result eyewitness reports of what Hall and Coleman call True Giants have never been fully considered in the broader zoological context. Reviewing the evidence found in traditions and footprints, folklore and sightings, the authors of this groundbreaking volume present for the first time in one place the wide-ranging argument for the possible survival of a giant species of primate that we know lived on Earth for millions of years.

MARK A. HALL is the author of Thunderbirds: America's Living Legends of Giant Birds. LOREN COLEMAN, author of Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America and The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates, Together they have been studying the question of True Giants and their kin for fifty years.

"The authors deserve top marks for collecting all the available evidence and reviewing it even-handedly. The final product is a handsome volume, including 23 black-and-white illustrations, with all material fully sourced… Overall, True Giants is a valuable addition to the literature of Sasquatchery and natural mysteries.” — Michael Newton, Fortean Times 

“However you may feel about the reality of the subject, True Giants presents a succinct, enlightening and tremendously entertaining case for such a creature, be it genus gigantopithecus, one of its cousins, or some other unrecognized ape-like beast. The book doesn’t make unsubstantiated claims, but lines up a delightful parade of records and reports from all across the globe, from antiquity to current date, and drops it on your doorstep so you can take from it what you will.”  — J.T. Lindross, Bookgasm 

“True Giants is a book that is as groundbreaking as it is thought-provoking and paradigm-challenging. Hall and Coleman detail a remarkable theory – and a rich history, too – that serves to explain the many and varied accounts of huge, hairy giants in our midst. In the process of doing so, they weave a complex and fascinating story of something gigantic, something definitively monstrous but equally definitively man-like too, and something that has lived alongside us for so long, carefully shaping and sculpting our legends and folklore as it does so.” — Nick Redfern,  Reviews of the Mysterious Kind 

“A fascinating read...one of the most unique books on Cryptozoology I’ve read since Sanderson’s Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life... Coleman and Hall set forth with academic eloquence, and void of flamboyance and sensationalism so characteristic within this field, … a highly unique study, providing a window through which we might observe life on this planet that, despite their tremendous size, we somehow have managed to overlook.” — Micah Hanks, The Gralien Report

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September 26
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