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True Magick: The Ancient and Sacred Art of Tree Magick is an occult manual that reveals the practices of tree magick — one of the oldest forms of magick, which was used by the wise men and women of the Old Days, during the time when magick was a natural part of the everyday lives of the people. It was a glorious time when humans were one with nature and living in harmony with all of creation. Indeed, it was a time of great and infinite magick.

The good news is that the magick of the trees goes on. It has never ended. It is as alive and powerful today as it was during the Old Days. All you need is to shift your mind toward the right direction to experience the wonderful magick of nature. It is true that most people have forgotten their connection with trees, while our ancestors relied on them for healing and survival. You do not need to be like most people. You have a choice — and you have a choice to welcome the green magick of trees into your life.

True Magick: The Ancient and Sacred Art of Tree Magick is not just a collection of texts that you should read, but you should also put its teachings into practice. Always remember that the best way of practice is to make the magical teachings a way of life. To practice tree magick is to live in harmony with nature and be truly human. Remember: Magick is only real when you are real. There are people who think that magick is not real, without realizing that it is them who are not being real. They are trapped in a web of illusions, played like a pawn by the system of the modern world. When you practice tree magick, you get to discover who you really are, which is the way to unleashing your true power.

As you can see now, tree magick is not just about learning to wield the power of nature, but it is also a way of finding one's self and finally coming home. Sadly, so many people are lost these days. Worse, many of them do not even realize it. Although the ancient science and art of magick is now often misunderstood by many, magick remains as real as the trees and stars, the earth, and sky. If only you take this step and be closer to the trees, then you might just see how fascinating the universe is, especially if you have the magick of trees in your life.

True Magick: The Ancient and Sacred Art of Tree Magick welcomes you into this mystifying world of tree magick, the place that you can always call as your home. The trees connect us to the Ancient Wise. They know their language and their secrets. Just as human pass on ideas and teachings through oral tradition, trees also pass on ancient wisdom and occult knowledge — and you can receive them if you come closer and listen. The trees are alive, and they are full of magick. Hug a tree, and who knows, you might just see, a glorious magick that can set you free. With light and love — always pure, and blessed be!     

Health, Mind & Body
February 16
Melody Webster
Draft2Digital, LLC

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